How to Apply Eye Makeup to Small Eyes

When applying makeup to small eyes, there are some special tips to include to avoid making eyes appear even smaller. Since the size of eyes will not change, using makeup to enhance them is a great solution. Some common mistakes will make small eyes look even smaller. Avoid makeup errors by learning

Lose 104 Pounds in a Year

Did you ever think about the fact that losing 2 pounds a week adds up to 104 pounds a year? That's a LOT of weight. Sooo.... Let's say that you have only about 20 to ...

Sushi Restaurants in Illinois

sushiJupiterimages/ ImagesIn Illinois, sushi restaurants are primarily concentrated in the city of Chicago, which Vogue magazine recently called "the most exciting American city in which to dine." But suburban and rural areas now feature sushi restaurants also, alongside...



Five Top Tips For a Great Online Dating Profile

Well, here you are, you have finally done it, signed up to an online dating site. What next? You ask yourself. Now you have to put together your profile. The profile is what potential dates will look at first, then they will decide if they want to contact you, reply to any messages that you have sen


Red Ring of Death Fixes -

To keep it simple, many people just call that the Xbox RROD or red ring of death. While the colored lights look nice, they actually serve the purpose of telling gamers whether the Xbox is ...


Travel & Trip

Visiting London

One of the hottest tourist destinations for centuries has been England. With its mixture of old and new it provides a plethora of opportunities without costing a fortune, if one knows where to go. For travelers venturing there for the first time thoughts of what to do in London will take up many hou


Which Phones Does Slingbox Work With?

A Slingbox allows a user to "sling" television programming from their home to a remote computer for viewing when not at home. The hardware is sold at most electronics stores. SlingPlayer desktop software, available for Windows and Mac OS X, is used to receive the incoming signal from the Slingbox. S


How to Change the Antifreeze in a Mazda M3

Keeping up on the maintenance on your Mazda 3 is vital to its performance and life span. Changing the antifreeze is one of those tasks that must be completed, but don"t worry, it"s a relatively simply job you can do at home on your driv way or in your garage. The Car Care Council recommends you che

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Live Plants: Garden Ferns

Ferns are one of the oldest types of plants and evidence of their growth exists in most areas of the world. Many types of ferns are tropical and need to grow indoors as houseplants. Some varieties withstand cold temperatures and are suitable for growing in landscapes throughout the United States. Fe