Cave Diving courses in Thailand

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Cave Diving Thailand has gathered enough popularity over the last few years with the discovery and exploration of many new systems both in Southern and Northern provinces. Phuket being prime of them, which is centrally located to access the caves down in the south both in the Khao Sok National Park, Trang and Krabi. Recently more and more caves in each region have been discovered and it's now becoming accessible by those who are full cave trained. Technical diving, or Tech Rec, is a more advanced form of recreational diving. This traditional concept of diving is more aptly described as sport diving. Many sport divers have only the basic level of diving education and equipment. Tech Rec divers are much more advanced. Technical diving Thailand is for the experienced diver that wants to experience more than the deep open water. Tech Rec allows the diver to explore environments that are far beyond the perimeters permitted by Sport diving.

The term Technical Diving is used to describe a wide range of advanced level diving activities that can be very diverse, ranging from the overhead environment, to wreck, deep and/or mixed gas diving. As a general definition it is generally expected that most technical dives take place below 40m/130 ft where set decompression stops are required before surfacing. Dives that takes place in the overhead environment, such as wreck, or cave penetration can also often be defined as technical dives as are certain types of diving and training. Blue label diving is a PADI Tec Centre that can offer you our expertise, training and experience to help improve your Technical Diving Skills. Blue label diving offers training in Tech Diving Thailand. Course is mostly covered practically at the area of rich opportunities to explore amazing freshwater cave systems in a very unique environment. This distant location is inhibited from mass influx of tourist and thus provides a real place to unwind and explore virgin dive sites not known to many.

You will have to pass a written test to demonstrate your mastery of dive theory, leadership and other material covered in the course. You will also be required to pass a swimming test and a skills evaluation after which you will be a PADI certified tech dive instructor with immense bright opportunities of visiting many locales and sceneries.
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