Low-Voltage Lighting Products

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    Indoor Low-Voltage Lighting Products

    • With increasing concern for saving energy, low-voltage options are often worth the higher initial cost as contrasted with standard lighting. Energy-efficient, low-voltage lights are often used in track lighting, rail lighting or are placed in rows as linear lighting. They may hang from the ceiling and look like pendants or can be used individually. They can create ambiance and illuminate just the areas that you want, while directional luminaries found on tracks or rails can be moved to alter the light's direction. Puck lights -- lights smaller than a coaster and typically found in cabinets -- require transformers to operate properly or to be dimmed.

    Outdoor Low-Voltage Products

    • Many homeowners want to decrease energy costs and conserve electricity when lighting up home exteriors. Outdoor lighting also increases safety because people will know where a path lies or where an obstacle is located. The ambiance of outdoor lighting can add to the beauty of the home and highlight some of its landscaping features. Low-voltage products can be ideal as accents, but they are generally not the right choice for security lights. Light can be placed on the ground or in-ground to highlight a certain area, structure or landscaping feature. Fixtures can be hung from trees for a moonlight effect.


    • Two basic kinds of low-voltage incandescent bulbs can be used inside or outside. Service bulbs are not expensive and they come in a wide variety of wattages. You can also find them in many shapes and in clear or frosted varieties. The light emitted is slightly yellow and extends in all directions. Reflector bulbs, on the other hand, have a coating of a reflective material on the inside that points the light forward; this gives you more control on where the bulk of the light will go. Spotlights will concentrate the light; floodlights will spread it out. These kinds of bulbs -- which will give you about four times as much light -- are used in tracks and recessed lighting.

    Tungsten Halogen

    • Tungsten Halogen bulbs can be effectively used in low-voltage lighting systems. Mini-reflector bulbs are used in recessed and track lighting because of their small size and are used outdoors as spotlights. The PAR-36 bulb can cast a beam of light a long distance. It is also used in track and recessed lighting and in outdoor fixtures. The peanut bulb -- T-4 Bi Pin -- is used in pendants, some track lighting and desk lamps. With these, you control the light's direction with the fixture.

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