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Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Li Wenlong) allows fans around the world waiting for the All-Star game in 2011, Beijing came to an end yesterday. After three sessions of pure performance entertaining game, the two sides launched a shooting in the final minutes of the duel. Western Star team by virtue of the last several key goals, and ultimately defeated 143 to 148 over the east-Star team. Bryant scored the game-high 37 points, won fourth career All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy, which tied the fifties and sixties of the last century by the Bob Pettit kept the All-Star match the historical record is worth mentioning that, before the world's attention the official NBA All-Star Game start, 12 small boy NBA player from China, home to the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center, the audience witnessed by thousands of spectators, lined up to welcome the All-Star Game all star, and get them clapping encouragement, recognition of their 2010 Nutrilite Junior NBA Challenge exhibit the spirit of sport, teamwork, positive attitude and spirit of mutual respect that night at Staples Center described as star-studded West All-Star starter Duncan, Anthony, Durant, Kobe Bryant, Paul, is the first in eastern Howard, Amare Stoudemire, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Ross at the scene of heavy metal music and lights in high-strength, both players debut, Griffin and Kobe Bryant as a substitute and the main finale, won the cheers of the audience, and the first to become an All-Star Kevin Love Westbrook because studying at the local university by the local fans of all ages. Eastern Celtics 'Big Four' and the Heat's Big Three is mixed by the applause and boos special treatment race to James two assists Stoudemire start. Bryant, Anthony and Durant 3 Feng Wei then opened the offensive line mode. The first section of the game ended, Western Star team 27 to 37 than 10 points ahead. James still maintained in the second quarter ATK Eastern Star teams; while Westbrook is arranged almost the entire western star team's offensive, one-handed Tomahawk Rings also let the audience amazed. With three consecutive offensive success Bryant, Gasol grabbed the rebound to complete the second attack, Paul hit the buzzer shot, Western Star team with 76 than 64 leading third quarter both sides return to the starting lineup the entire eastern star team 5 people just beginning to get angry on being suppressed. Bryant contributed a hands Flip. Plus a three-pointer, in turn extended the lead to 11 points. End of the third, though, James has contributed 25 points, but never personal performance opportunities. The fourth quarter, James determined to win one up on a one-handed dunk performances, led by Eastern Star team will chase the score 135 than 137. However, Popovich quickly adjusted, except instead of Duncan Gasol outside starters all Western Star team debut, maintaining more than 135 lead 142 critical moment, Amare Stoudemire three-point shot, James also hit a layup to help the Eastern Star team 72 seconds left in the game to chase the score 140 than 142. At this time, Bryant once again stood out, leading Western Star team steady defensive and offensive, eventually five point advantage to win.

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