How to Disassemble Manual Locking Hubs in a 1982 Chevy

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    • 1). Put a jack underneath the front axle of the '82 Chevrolet and lift the axle high enough to be able to remove the wheels. Put two jack stands under the axle and then remove the front wheels with the tire iron.

    • 2). Position yourself in front of one of the front wheels. Locate the manual locking hub, which is in the center of the wheel. Take off the cap on the hub with a hex-head key. Pull off the outer plate, the rubber o-ring on the plate and the knob, using your hands.

    • 3). Look inside the hub and look for the snap ring, which is a metal circle around the perimeter of the axle shaft, which is in the center of the hub. Remove the snap ring inside of the hub using the snap ring pliers, and then take the outer clutch retaining ring (a circular disc in the hub) and actuating cam body (the portion previously connected to the knob that locks the hub) out of the hub. Take off the snap ring on the axle shaft, which looks just like the previous snap ring, with the snap ring pliers.

    • 4). Pull out the axle shaft sleeve located around the axle shaft in the middle of the axle and clutch ring assembly located around the shaft from the hub with your hands. Take out the spring and retainer plate with the hub.

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