Employer Negligence and Repetitive Motion Strains

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Repetitive motion strains occur when an individual repeats physical motions for several hours over long periods of time, which may be weeks, months, or years.
Since the human body is not designed to do this, individuals may suffer harm as a result of repetitive motion strains.
Strains often occur because ligaments and tendons have broken down and become inflamed.
Often, this painful condition requires nothing more than rest, but some individuals may require surgery to repair a severely damaged tendon or ligament.
Most people suffer these strains at work, because the nature of their jobs requires them to repeat certain tasks over and over.
Common sufferers include construction workers, typists, and other individuals who perform repetitive actions for hours on end.
Many employers know of the risks of performing these actions repeatedly, but they do nothing to protect their employees from potential harm.
Protection may come in the form of mandated breaks, varying a worker's job description, or loosening productivity expectations, which may lead to overexertion.
Since these policies are usually not good for efficiency, many employers neglect them, which is when problems may arise.
Individuals who suffer harm because their employers provide unsafe work conditions may be able to hold their employers accountable for gross negligence.
Gross negligence is the legal concept of an individual committing an action that he or she knows could result in another person suffering severe harm.
A gross negligence conviction may lead to the liable individuals being responsible for paying financial compensation to the victims.
Before pursuing legal action, individuals are advised to seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury lawyer.
If you or someone you love has suffered a repetitive motion strain because of employer negligence, discuss your legal rights and options with the Madison personal injury attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier, S.
, today.
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