Uses of Power Drill Other Than Drilling Holes

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We all have tried to use hand and power tools to accomplish a task that's not typical – like using a screwdriver to open a lid. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if you are smart enough to ensure your safety and that's why today we are going to tell you what you can do with your power drills (and/or drivers) other than drilling holes.


If you are a fan of home improvement then you should have a power drill, it's quite a useful tool. Remember to buy a branded one like from Porter Cable or Ryobi as Porter Cable replacement parts and Ryobi replacement parts are available online and in retail stores. So in case of any damage you can repair your drill.





If you don't have an angle grinder to perform this task and you don't need to worry as you can easily use your power drill to accomplish the same task. Find an attachment that can be chucked into your cordless drill and gives you the luxury of using wheels designed especially for angle grinders. To get rid of rust forming on your iron and steel tools, you can always use a brush bit.



If you want to intertwine wires neatly then you are in luck as you can use your power drill for the job! Just place each wire into the chuck of your drill and trigger the drill to spin the bunch into a bundle of intertwined wires. You can also use this technique with steel cables but ensure your safety first.



When you can twist wires and cables using a power drill, you can obviously do the reverse process as well by straightening twisted wires and cable. Just put the end of the wire or cable you want to straighten into the chuck of the drill and spin it in the opposite direction at a slow speed. And here you are with a straight clean piece of wire.

  1. Drive Screws


Most of the power drills come with standard Phillips and flat driving bits that are used to drive screws and bolts into a concrete or wooden surface. You can also get hex drivers that come in quite handy when you are looking to take apart your household stuff in order to repair.



You can also use your power drill to mix different items to form a uniform amalgamation of distinct substances. For example you can mix paint by using mixing bits that are available at any hardware store to get consistent color throughout the liquid. You can also find bits that look and act like egg beaters and can be used to mix concrete and mortar. 
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