6 More Exciting Tips To Achieve Your Goals

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Here are 6 more exciting formulas to be successful

1. Organize Yourself

You must get organized and stay organized if you want to achieve any goal. Each time you get ready to attempt a new task, ask yourself some very simple questions.

Why do you need to perform this task? What role does a particular task play in achieving my ultimate goal? What do I need to accomplish this task? How much time should I devote to this task? What must I do to handle this task?

Once you've answered those questions honestly, you will have better focus to begin.

The only way to get started is to have a proper plan and sticking to it. We'd be lost without it.

Get a good planner or organizer. Trust me, it's money well spent. It is imperative for you to achive success because it helps you to stay on track and finish all your task.

2. Understand Your Goals

If you want to get serious about achieving success, sit down and actually write a mission statement. Identify why achieving a goal is important to you, what you expect to get out of it, and what results you want from it.

Do you want to earn money?

Do you want to experience a sense of accomplishment?

Do you want recognition?

Do you want fame or credibility?

Do you want to be able to help others?

Do you want ALL OF THE ABOVE?

And more?

When your motivation is low, just read your mission statement to remind you why you want to be successful in the first place.

For the person who finds great success, it's perfectly fine to be proud of your accomplishments and awards, but don't get so caught up in things that you lose sight of why you started in the first place. A mission statement will also help keep you grounded.

3. Write Objectives Down

This is an extremely important step and one that shouldn't be missed. If you don't write your objectives down, you will quickly lose sight of them. Keeping them as a visual will help you achieve them.

The most important objective is to identify WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE with your goal. What is it that you want to gain once you have achieved your goal?

Staying on track means looking back over what you've already done so far and determining if it does meet your objectives. In other words, if you want to lose weight, how much have you managed to lose so far, if any?

If our actions and results are in keeping with your objectives, keep moving on. Otherwise, look for other areas to fine tune?

4. Create a Plan of Action

To help you achieve your goals and stay focused on the objectives, you should have a well laid out action plan. This plan will cover the steps you need to take to get you from where you are currently, to the ultimate goal of where you want to be.

Many people tell you to set high goals and try to get to them. Personally, I think that?s a recipe for discouragement. If you set ten goals and you only get to one of them, you?ll feel like a failure.

Conversely, if you have ten goals that are ACHIEVABLE and you achieve all of them, you'll feel like a million dollars. And that feeling fuels you on to accomplish more and more.

Try to set for yourself realistic, reachable goals then try to go?above and beyond? them. In other words, your goal for today might be to make 5 sales. Then try to make 10 sales. If you get 10 sales, then hooray! But, if you only get the 5 you originally planned to get (which is very realistic) then you?ll still feel like you?ve accomplished something. It?s all in your mind. Keep your mind happy and feeling victorious.

5. Use a Checklist

Another great way to stay focused on your objectives is to use a checklist. Write down all the action items required to complete a project. You must do this in VERY PRECISE steps. Why? Because you get to check off completed tasks much more frequently which again makes you feel like you're accomplishing more.

Have checklists for everything. Part of that is so that you are organized because so many things are going on simultaneously. But, part of it is to MARK THROUGH the tasks you have completed. Nothing feels more than being able to see a sheet of paper with a whole page of tasks checked off as completed.

The more you are able to visualize that you've accomplished, the more you will stay focused and get your objectives accomplished.

6. Tackle One Goal at a Time

Closely relating to that is HOW you tackle that checklist. While sometimes it's important and necessary to look at the big picture and not so much the little things, you might try focusing on only a few goals at a time. If you start looking at everything at once, you can become confused and frustrated, and might lose sight of where you want to be.

Instead, concentrate your efforts only until THE NEXT ENTRY ON THE CHECKLIST. Don't look at the entire checklist, just what's next.

When we travel, we take a look at the full map to see where we will be going and to get an idea of which way we'll be traveling. BUT, during the road trip itself, we focus on ONE ROAD AT A TIME. All we need to know is which way to turn NEXT. What's important during the journey is the next step.

Same thing applies to achieving a goal. Yes, take a look at the whole map and see where you are going. But focus on the next entry on the checklist. You can't complete the journey until you take the next step in front of you.
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