How to Write a Car Insurance Claim

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    • 1). Describe how the accident happened that caused you to become injured or suffer a loss. Include all pertinent information such as a police report or witness statements.

    • 2). Include information about your injuries, treatments or damage that was sustained. Describe as much as possible and include any information about how your life has been affected.

    • 3). Make a list of all your medical expenses or repair costs. Include the name of each medical provider or repair shops that have been used.

    • 4). Provide the amount of time that was lost from work and any income that was lost as a result of your injury. If you are self-employed, include additional information about how you determined the amount of lost income.

    • 5). Demand a specific sum of money in the last paragraph of your claim letter. This is the total amount of compensation that you require for your pain, suffering and any lost income if applicable.

    • 6). Attach any supporting documents to your claim letter before sending it to the insurance company. This can include medical bills or estimates for damage repairs.

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