The Basic Elements of a Roof

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The end of the year is fast approaching.
I remember that years back I would take a couple weeks in December and just solidify my relationships with my buyers and sellers.
I know that we are a little early right now but it is a good time to plan as some of the work can mount up during December if you are lucky.
Today, go through your list of clients and maybe clients and decide two things: 1.
What is the value of this relationship today and tomorrow? 2.
What is the best way to show that I care as a person and not as a salesperson? Here is what I used to do.
I would hand write Christmas cards to everyone on my maybe list of buyers and sellers with a little personal note, this could go out to 300 or 400 people or maybe only 50 you have to decide.
You can write these Christmas or more probably holiday cards very quickly once you get a roll going.
I just go to the local Wal Mart or somewhere where boxed cards are cheap and buy a bunch, fill them out with a short message personalized with their name on top and send them out.
One bad mistake is to have the office pre print cards as it just screams of insincerity.
On the same note be sure to stamp the envelope as your office may have a meter machine for postage and this will make your letter look more like a bill, no need to remind them of January early! The next thing you can do is to find a supplier of low priced quality chocolates and get together with others in your office to order to drop the price point per box and then hand deliver these chocolates to each of your good clients.
This will take more time as you want to do it close to Christmas and getting time in everyone's schedule is difficult.
When you do deliver these chocolates you will also drop of the holiday card as this will save you postage for a few people.
Calendars are the last thing on the list.
Everyone gives out Calendars so you want to make sure that your calendar stands out.
I have seen Realtors give out appointment books, as an alternative and I am not sure how well this can really work as no one else will see this.
By all means give out calendars this year but if at all possible give out something that people will use at other times of the year.
Go to a promotional supply store personally and see what you can find.
Maybe you can get a fridge magnet with your picture and the schedule for one of the local sports teams that you can mail out in the spring or maybe you can get a magnetic month at a glance board that is just 8 and a half by 11 inches, I know my mom still has one of these on her fridge and it lasts forever.
The best thing you can do with the idea of calendars is to be different because it is really hard to stand out when you are doing the same thing as every other Realtor in your area.
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