Why You Should Upgrade Your Joomla Website

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Joomla has been the most powerful CMS (Content Management System) that allows development of exciting and useful online applications and a strong platform for e-commerce since its launch in 2005.
Within the first year of its launch, it has already been downloaded 2.
5 million times which portrays its flexibility and popularity.
With more than 6000 commercial and free plugins and accessibility to third-party software, Joomla 1.
5 made a highly appreciated entry in the market.
However there were some security issues which led Joomla developers to come up with newer versions like the Joomla 1.
While the Joomla 1.
7 largely fixed the security issues it still was an unstable platform to a certain extent.
Years of research and development led to the new generation Joomla 2.
5 being introduced.
While Joomla made the previous versions obsolete and lifted up the third-party extensions, businesses which still were built upon the previous versions loose on a number of things.
One of the main reasons that businesses build upon previous versions like the Joomla 1.
5 need to upgrade is to have a safer presence in the web sphere.
With increasing levels of online transactions and gaining clientele, it's easier for hackers to attack the obsolete platforms.
There is a huge problem of bugs too.
The most upgraded sites are the one doing the most business.
This is obvious as customers feel safer on a more secure platform.
The second reason why an upgraded Joomla version is necessary is because of the third party extensions support that it receives.
When the newer versions came up, the third party extension support from the earlier versions were lifted up and websites built upon them no longer had the advantage previously enjoyed.
Upgrading from a version such as the 1.
5 to Joomla 2.
5 is quite of a procedure.
This evidently will require expert help from an experienced professional.
While the investment is moderate, the returns you would get are multiple times higher.
While you were no more able to use the third party extensions neither were you able to use the platform on all operating systems, with this upgrade you are on the top-notch facility.
The security standards of the Joomla 2.
5 version are the most stable and there is a minimal chance of any fraudulent attack.
Updates will be automatically installed and you will stay with the standards of the world market.
While this upgrade is a bit time-consuming and complicated, there are enough reason that you should be going for it.
However upgrading from Joomla 1.
7 to Joomla 2.
5 is as easy as a click of the muse.
The advantages that you get with this up gradation are banners, synchronized contents, menus, web links, modules and a better template to work upon.
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