Your MLM Network Marketing Lead - The First of Many

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I haven't been hot on paying for an MLM Network Marketing Lead.
Like you, I was told by my up-line, to work my warm market first.
I didn't wish to talk to my loved ones as they still recollected all of the dumb things I have done during the past.
Is it the same for you? As an amateur, I didn't feel confident approaching them at all.
Due to this, I had to turn to other options.
I was then told to buy leads from a company he told me about.
I spent ages battling with the telephone and stumbling over what to say when I eventually got past the message machines and folks hanging up when they didn't know me.
I am sure my up-line made more in commissions from the leads company than he did from my MLM business activity.
Like most who recommend buying leads, he was not doing too well at it himself but taught it because that was he was taught.
So, I got to thinking.
Rather than paying for leads, was there a technique of having the leads pay for themselves? I conceived of it as 'Self Funding Leads'.
The concept was to have prospects pay me for a value packed eBook or tape that gave them great generic MLM business building and marketing info and use the money from that to pay for advertising for more prospects.
At the time it appeared too tough to create the product and the system - the web was younger then and so was I - so I went on to other stuff.
Today there are a few these systems available, each one making an attempt to outdo the rest in providing Value to the users ( affiliates ) and the consumers.
The important thing is that these systems deliver fresh, qualified MLM Network Marketing Leads - not tire-kickers.
And as a bonus, the system tuns a profit.
Right on! Give it some thought.
Would you rather make one hundred telephone calls a day to low quality, paid leads or some calls every week to a few free quality leads - and receive payment for it? Remember.
Only approach folks who have proved they want your business - if they bought from you, they are keen.
You have friends and family and you must keep them as that.
They're going to ask you later when they are interested.
There are many prospects out there on the lookout for somebody to help them get ahead and that somebody is you.
Quality is supreme.
Don't waste the leads you get.
Not all folks will make up their mind right away.
Employ a system to follow them up - make technology work for you.
Stay in touch for some months with an auto-responder.
Do it properly and you can use your time building a good relationship with your team rather than whipping them along.
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