The One Fear

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What scares you? Heights? Public speaking? Spiders? Crowds? Thunder? Lightning? Pain? Illness? Death? Clowns? Poverty? Failure? Success? Being alone? Seemingly there is no end to what people fear.
Fear is a natural formation of emotion designed to ensure you survive in this physical existence.
In our modern society, however, fear's consequence most often is to resist experience, resist change.
The experience of life seems daunting, unknowable, and at times overwhelming.
Life is a journey of twists and turns, highs and lows, successes and failures.
At some point we realize that by advancing we invite change, we accept risk, we tempt fate and we know, in its final measure, it doesn't end well.
Once you realize that the ride is in motion you have two choices: you can embrace the adventure or try your best to put on the brakes.
Fear is the agent of resistance, the champion of procrastination, the defender of the status quo - despite the pain this may engender.
For many it is better to suffer through the known than advance into the unknown, for fear conjures up in the unknown every conceivable nightmare to keep from moving forward, to making the turn, to taking the step.
You see, all fear is, at its core, the dread of letting go.
You are alive, in this moment, you are breathing, sensing, observing.
You have achieved a degree of stasis - stability in your environment.
You are experiencing a degree of comfort or enduring a bearable measure of discomfort.
Despite your best efforts, however, things will change.
This world, this universe, this existence is an ocean of energy and all energy is in motion, everything is in flux - coming together, drifting apart.
Regardless of your intentions life will change.
You are on the ride, you have jumped into the water - you must journey to the end.
Though you can't stop the motion you can choose how you experience the twists and turns, highs and lows, successes and failures.
You are the master interpreter.
You interpret your experience of this life.
If fact, you have more power than that - you influence what rises to your awareness.
You contribute to drafting the chapters, setting the scene, designing the ride.
You do have a choice.
Fear, however, is that trigger of doubt about any and quite possibly every possibility, opportunity or change.
Fear causes you to cling to what is - for better or for worse.
The effect of fear is to limit your experience, reduce your options and ultimately control your fate.
Fear steals away your ability to choose, to interpret, to create.
When fear dominates, life diminishes.
To free yourself from fear's influence - face it.
Recognize the limiting energy of fear, and expose it to the light of awareness.
By observing fear as an agent of resistance to change, you reduce fear's influence.
Life is change.
Life is an adventure - an adventure replete with risks and rewards.
Don't let the dominating power of fear limit your journey.
By facing fear, you can overcome it.
Don't expect to eliminate fear.
The key is to act despite fear.
Only then will you retain the power to influence the journey.
You only must do what is necessary, that is, take the next small step.
Life is full, whole and complete, all the time, all around you — you need not dread what is next.
Your life up till now has prepared you for what comes next.
To succeed, overcome what holds you back - that one fear - the fear of change.
Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis
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