Picking Up Women at the Supermarket

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Most guys have been shy at some point in their life.
However, there are the really shy guys who, for various reasons, have more than a difficult time approaching and talking to beautiful women.
This article about picking up women at the supermarket is tailored just for the really shy guys of the world.
If you're a really shy guy, picking up women at the supermarket is the easiest technique to utilize.
The nice thing about the supermarket is that it's neutral territory - it's a safe environment.
A really cool aspect of the supermarket (aside from the frozen food section) is that it's also personal environment.
Most people shop at the same store week after week.
They're getting their basic supplies for life - mainly food.
This makes them feel more comfortable, more secure, and less likely to reject anyone but the most obnoxious people.
It's an ideal place for someone who needs to build his confidence.
The simplest way to begin picking up women at the supermarket is to ask a question.
Keep it food related to keep the conversation neutral.
Here's a quick scenario: you're in the produce section and you see a beautiful woman checking out some vegetables.
You pick up some sort of vegetable, go up to her and say, "Excuse me, but I've not been cooking long and I was wondering how long do you cook (the vegetable you have in your hand)?" Almost always she'll answer you, and usually in detail.
Tell her thanks, and then move on.
But before you leave, turn back around and say, "Hey, my name is ___.
Thanks for the help!" If she stops and gives you her name, then continue the conversation for a little while.
If not, just go to another aisle, carefully watching where she's going, then meet her in another aisle and ask another question.
All you're looking for here is a name and a little conversation.
One of the caveats of picking up women at the supermarket is that you need to take it slow and be patient.
However, if you continue to meet up with her each week, you'll eventually be able to get her phone number and ask her out.
Just take things slow and easy.
Let her get to know you and find out interesting things about her.
Soon you won't be talking about fruits and vegetables for dinner; you'll be talking about spicing up your nights after dinner.
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