Dating Tips For Men - How to Get Her For Keeps

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Getting a woman to run after you is easier than you think.
The best way to understand how it works is by looking at what makes anything valuable.
Different things have different values to people.
What is valuable to you may not be valuable to someone else.
So what you need to do is understand what makes something valuable to another person.
There can be many different factors.
It could be in its shape, or color, or any aspect that the other person finds important.
Understanding what the other person needs from that thing to be valuable is the key to your answer.
When you are looking to have a woman desire and keep you, you need to make yourself valuable to her.
If you take the time to listen to what a woman is telling you during your dates, you will find that she actually mentions the things that she finds important in a relationship.
These points are what you need to focus on, and are what you can use to make you valuable to her.
An example is when you go to your local department store, and you tell the assistant what you are looking for.
If you ask for a pair of dark blue jeans, and they return with a green tie, then you are obviously not going to be interested and may not even bother to return to the store again.
But if they bring you back that pair of dark blue jeans, you will take them and you will probably return to the store again.
So if you know that the woman you want likes adventure, then you give her adventure.
If she is looking for someone to understand her and be there when she is down, then you show understanding and give her support when she is down.
When she finds that you are giving her what she needs, she will see you as a valuable part of her life and she will not want to lose that.
She will want hold on to you and be around you more for the simple fact that you are giving her what she needs most.
This combined with you being a gentleman and making her feel safe will show her you care and should lead to her falling in love with you.
From this you can see that by giving a woman what they need, you become a valuable object and you will make them want to keep you.
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