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Jane and Lenny are young parents. They have 2 kids who are 3 and 5 years old. The kids keeps them pretty busy most of the time. They are looking forward to a little vacation without the children soon. They have been saving for a vacation over the past few years. Summer was here, and this year they were finally ready to go.

Lennys mother offered to keep the kids until they returned home. They would be in good hands. It would also give her some quality time with the little ones. Jane and Lenny packed their belongings, and let the trusted neighbors know they were gone. Then they were off to the vacation spot. When they arrived they wasted no time enjoying the area.

They strolled around the many shops and boutiques. After a while, Mother Nature took over and they knew it was time to get some rest. They headed back to their room and fell asleep. It was still sort of early but they were exhausted. They slept for a few hours. When they awaken it was about 11PM, so they decided to take another stroll through the waterfall area.

Its was quiet and the moon was bright. It was a perfect night for romance. They were enjoying the moon light in the secluded area when a man approached them and asked them for the time. Lenny looked at his watch. At that moment, the man pulled out a knife and said give me your wallet.

Jane was so frightened that she was shaking. Lenny reached for his wallet and gave it to the guy. The guy fled in the opposite direction. Jane regained her composure and they went to the hotel desk to report the crime. Local security took the statement and promised they would do all they could to get Lennys wallet back.

They asked him what kind of identification was lost in the wallet. Lenny said none. The police said, you do not carry identification in your wallet? Lenny said yes, but that was not my real wallet. He reached in a pocket inside his coat and said this is my real wallet. I learned a long time ago to keep my real wallet in a place where thieves would not think it would be.

Jane hugged Lenny, because she knew he had saved them the nightmare of worrying who might have their identification. The mugger had made off with a wallet with fake cards and a few dollars. Lenny called it mugger money. He used it as a diversion and it worked like a charm.

Jane and Lenny did not let the incident spoil their vacation. However; they were more careful. Experts recommend that you always keep a few dollars in your wallet, in case you are mugged. Keep your other cash in different pockets or somewhere else. Muggers want take the time to see what they have actually stolen. You can use their need for rapid escape to your advantage. By all means, never get injured over property, most of the time it can be replaced.
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