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Inhabitants can not always succeed or lose. In the daily life, a hopeless condition is a challenge, an opportunity and if we are fearful of it but make our efforts maybe we will be triumphant and create the miracle of ourselves. Timberland is an excellent trademark all over the world thus we can learn something from it.

Be victorious is everyone's aspiration yet that is a pity that success is always not easy to attain. Try our best and not give up to collapse then perhaps we hold the opportunity to come to success. Well it is not hard for us to conquer the troubles what really difficult is that we should persevere in our dream and keep doing the right thing until the final success. Jane Eyre's author Charlotte Bronte is a famed novelist and what impresses me most is her words:" People are live to endure all kinds of hardships." And the success of timberland corporation also tells us this truth. From both instances we are able to tell that if we would like to be unbeaten we may perhaps satisfy countless difficulties and pressures which are the crucial process of the way towards success. Prefer pressures and try our best to run towards success consistently.

Do not feel discouraged if fail, we should not give up and give us another chance to try again since there is always a way out for us. In the process of growing up especially in the early times, we may suffer from many criticism, percussion and frustration then the enthusiasm and aspiration of the uplifting will be blocked and surpressed. They always try their best to find the way out. Below many times' failure, we possibly will afraid of it and also get customed to it, as a result of it, we may be disappointed about ourselves and even do not trust ourselves. Then we will grow to be negtive towards everything. In the end, we may lose our initial dream.

Losing the goal for life is an extremely terrible thing. The desire for victory will be prevented abruptly. Nonetheless, the failure before does not mean the failure forever, and the goal that can not be completed before does not mean that we can not finish it forever. We can understand this truth from lots of successful people and timberland is also a good example for us to learn something helpful. We will be the angel of light if we choose the future and on the contrary, we possibly will turn out to be the skunk if we select to lose ourselves in the past. The past is the days before which can not decide the future. We ought to set a goal for the coming future. The past is not equal to the future. He is wise who looks ahead. We must be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Failure and success are not the ultimate result of life, they are only the common things that happened in the process of life. Victory and defeat are both commom in the fight and also in the daily life. Success is not always standing beside us accordingly if we are confront with troubles, we are supposed to view it as a chance towards triumph and be brave to cope with it and we may possibly be unbeaten in the end. Timberland is a great brand around the world thus we are able to learn something from it.

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