Drills with Specific Types of Fins

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Monofins are a great way to get a specific type of workout while in the pool. Instead of two, separate fins that strap onto each foot, monofins are a wide, single fin that mimics the natural swimming motion of aquatic mammals. They are an invaluable swimming aid for competitive and fitness swimmers. And while standard fins can work great, you can really add a lot to your water workouts with a set or two of drills with the monofin. Slip on the monofin and lay horizontally in the water. Do underwater  dolphin kicks for the entire length of a 25 meter pool. Go as fast as you can or even race against a partner in an adjacent lane, and really concentrate on the fluid motion of your hips and ankles for power. Mix up the drill by laying on your side or back and repeat the sets as necessary. The Finis WAVE Monofin is one of the top models around and perfect for these kinds of drills.


Zoomers are specially designed fins with short-blade technology to help you kick faster and stronger. They're great because, unlike traditional, longer blades, add resistance to your workout without over tiring leg muscles. Use Zoomers during calibration drills. Lay in the pool with your Zoomers on and push off from the side of the pool. Begin flutter or butterfly kicking with your hands together and streamline in front of your head. Start with big, long kicks and slowly bring the kick down to short, smaller kicks. With the fins on, you should feel yourself propelling faster and faster through the water as your kicks become more compact. By going back and forth between kick size you can really get the most of the drill. Finis Zoomers Gold are a short-blade fin that can really help you propel through the water while training. The shorter blade allows for shorter, faster kicks to enhance leg muscle strength and endurance. Plus, they have a comfortable fit and can be worn for longer periods of time. They're designed for swimmers of all levels and can help take you and your swimming to the next level.

 Fin-Shaped Fins:

One great thing about fin-shaped fins is that they not only work great during flutter kick drills, but they are also contoured enough to work with the breaststroke kick as well. Take the Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins for example. These soft and durable fins are shaped just like the fin of an aqua animal. Their AlphaChannel System, as well as top blade technology, make them an excellent choice for any training session. They are very lightweight and buoyant, which promotes proper body positioning in the water. Strap on a pair of these fins and slightly push off the side or bottom of the pool. With your hands stretched out in front of you, perform either a breaststroke or butterfly motion kick. Perform the upper body breaststroke motion, the pull and glide as you normally would, and come up for air between kicks. You'll feel the added resistance of the fins, be able to concentrate on your upper body movements and feel the burn in your leg muscles like never before.
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