Troubleshooting a MTX Thunder Amplifier

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    • 1). Ensure that the power, ground and remote turn-on wires are securely connected to their respective terminals on the amplifier.

    • 2). Verify that the RCA cables from the source unit are plugged securely into the amplifier's RCA inputs.

    • 3). Check the amplifier's speaker outputs to ensure that all the wires are connected securely and that no wires are frayed or damaged.

    • 4). Connect the positive lead from the multimeter to the power wire and the negative lead to the ground to ensure that the voltage is not above 15 volts or below 11 volts.

    • 5). Touch the amplifier to ensure that it has not overheated. If it is extremely hot and not turning on, contact MTX to arrange for a repair.

    • 6). Inspect the amplifier's fuse to ensure that it is not blown.

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