Warm Hands On Your Shaft Are More Fun!

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If you have ever done any amount of paddling, especially in cold weather, it's no fun having blisters or having to paddle with frozen hands!There are two types of hand protection when it comes to kayaks, paddling gloves and pogies.
Many paddlers wear gloves or pogies to protect their hands from the elements.
Some kayakers prefer pogies to gloves because they keep your hand in contact with the paddle shaft, but others prefer the warmth a glove provides.
This is especially applicable to people who live in colder climates.
Ideal for cold-weather kayaking, the Hydroskin kayaking glove feels super- thin and is tight fitting.
It holds body heat in well, and the palms are lined with an excellent grip to keep your hands in constant contact with the paddle, no matter what the circumstances.
Paddlers love them because they are proven to be very durable and tear-resistant.
Lovers of inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats alike use this glove often.
One of the best types of pogies on the market is called aYampa pogie.
It is priced around $35 and compares with most pogies on the market.
Made from double-sided 4-mm super supratax neo-prene, it is tough and can take a beating, and will keep your hands warm in the toughest of conditions.
They will keep the water out as they are seamless, glued, double-stitched, and taped and even have a gasket on the inside to keep the water out.
After all, dry hands are happy hands! Lovers of kayaks or any other type of inflatable boats definitely endorse this glove.
Some more basic versions of pogies will keep the water off, but provide little warmth.
One of the best things about the pogie is being able to slip your hands in and out easily when necessary!
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