How to Frame a Wall With Metal Studs

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    • 1). Start by measuring out the space where your wall will be. Take your metal snips and cut the steel stud to size for the length of the ceiling. Likewise cut a length for the floor. These two pieces will act as tracks for the remaining framing.

    • 2). Secure with screws every 3 feet (if you are securing to concrete you will need to pre-drill holes with a masonry bit and use masonry screws).

    • 3). Vertical studs should be installed every 24 inches (at widest). Mark out where studs will be placed. Measure each vertical length from floor to ceiling. Cut steel studs so that they will fit snugly in the ceiling and floor tracks. Check with level.

    • 4). Using locking pliers, hold flange of stud and track together while securing with self-tapping screws (no pre-drilling required). Be sure not to strip holes as this will weaken the joint.

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