How to use article marketing to generate leads

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Article marketing is one the best kept secrets on the net. Why don't more business owners know about this? If only I had know about this in my former business. Life has a way of revealing what you need at the right time. This is a perfect time in my life to use this technique.

First you want to choose a long tail keyword. You will write your article around that topic, putting the keywords throughout. Once you have decided what that is you want to ask yourself a few questions.

The first question is about defining the reader. Who is your audience? What struggles do they face? What is important to them? What are their values? What is their goal? What activities do they like? What is their definition of success? Is there specific industry lingo that they will relate to? You don't have to cover all those questions in one article, just pick one or two areas that you can cover.

Next, you want to brainstorm on how you will present the ideas in the article. You could write a How to, a review, write around a "problem/ solution", or do a comparison, look in depth about a top concern and answer it in a solution. All these approaches will work with almost any subject matter. This particular article is a "how to" article.

Once you have answered these questions, you will outline three main points. Put together a sentence on each outline point. It will be the starting point for each paragraph. Write three to five sentences to back up those points.

After you have your three paragraphs, you will write an introduction paragraph with three to four sentences that sums up the article. You will also write two to three sentences that summarize the article.

Another way to look at writing is a tip I learned from Dan Kennedy. You write in blocks, and stack it up into an letter. It could be a sales letter, or article. If you simplify the process, it becomes natural and easy in no time.

So why go to all this trouble to do article marketing? What is the point? Isn't it just for writers? No, it is the best kept strategy to generate leads for your business. We have had great success with Article Marketing, positioning ourselves as experts in the industry, in addition to high ranking pages in Google. You can share your tips and position, recommend a system, and watch people learn to trust you.

So, you may ask what do I do next? The next step is to distribute your article to the appropriate sites and become a regular contributor and bring value to your audience.

We have invested into a internet marketing education platform that has taught us high level marketing. In fact, it is the number one internet marketing system out there. It has produced some of of the most successful internet marketers in the world. We now share our tips with others who are looking for the same thing.

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