3 Hidden Secrets Girls Use to Test Men - Don"t Even Think About Missing These at Any Cost!

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What you are about to learn might be something no one else would ever share with you about women.
You see may it be knowingly or unknowingly but women do have a habit of testing men and often they are so god at doing so that you might not realize at all that you are actually being tested.
You see a woman's desire in you is more or less dependent on how well you perform in these tests.
This is the major reason why you should not think about missing this.
Read on to discover what these secrets are and how women use them to test men..
Don't agree with her too much- Some guys feel that agreeing with the girl on every subject would actually make the girl like them for sure but you see this is where it all backfires.
The moment you start agreeing with her on everything she automatically assumes that you have a weak personality since you can not stick to your own point of view or opinion.
This is where she would start to lose all attraction towards you.
Answering all her questions right away- This is another attraction killer and if the girl is asking you too many questions too early you must beware.
You see she wants to know how much of an open book you can be and when she knows more than enough about you there would be nothing more to know and that's where she would have no real desire to be around you.
Falling into her traps- Often the girl might pass a slight insult or might judge you on something.
What most guys tend to do here is that they often get highly defensive and start explaining themselves for everything.
And this is the biggest possible mistake one can make..
Instead of getting defensive you should rather laugh it out or just avoid the question all together.
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