How Blender Spout Design Can Improve Pouring

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There are lots of features to look for when buying a blender and jar spout design may not be the first thing on your mind. But how the spout is designed can make a difference in how your blender jar pours.

Not all blender jar spouts are created equal. Some have a well-designed indented and curved spout (shown), that allows almost dripless pouring, while other models have absolutely no spout at all, and you're expected to pour from one of the corners of the blender jar.

Pouring from a corner means tilting the jar which is cumbersome and inconvenient.

Another spout design is a partial - slightly indented spout that looks fine at first glance, but does not channel the contents properly, and they can spill out of the pouring area. This can be messy especially when pouring into a small container or glass.

When shopping for a blender, look for a well-defined and curved pouring spout. You'll be pleased with the pouring results. The blender jar used in the image is from the Oster Fusion Blender.

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