Saving by Comparing Auto Insurance Rates

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One of the best ways to save on auto insurance is by comparing rates online.
Most insurance companies offer the same type of discounts.
One thing that really determines your rate will be your location, gender, age, driving record, vehicle and even your credit.
I recently took a look at five major insurance companies offering auto insurance within the United States.
All of them shared at least one or two discounts made available to the shopper.
The multi-car discount was one that was made available by all of the insurance companies.
Basically, if you have two or more cars and combine them all into one single policy you are going to get a multiple-car discount.
A few of them also share the discount for good students.
If you're 25 years of age full-time student and you have at least a B.
average which comes out to a 3.
0 GPA, the students will be eligible for the good student discount.
So can your car give you a discount? Well it depends on the type of car.
Some insurance companies are now giving discounts for going green.
You will see more and more of this discount being presented to drivers as time goes by.
Some other things your car has installed will also help you get discounts such as anti-lock braking systems.
Most new cars will already have this installed.
Anti-theft devices may also give you discount.
Since this is reducing the risk of your car being stolen, some insurance companies will discount your rate for having this installed.
Discounts will also come to those driving cars with airbags.
Depending on the state in which you live, the insurance company you work with may give you a discount if you take a defensive driving course.
While some insurance companies will give discounts to almost anybody that take the time to complete this course other insurance companies will only give the discounts to a certain age group who take the course.
If you're an active military or retired military you may want checkout Geico, this company offers discounts up to 15% off of your insurance coverage for being within this select group.
When getting auto insurance online, the best thing to do is compare rates for the coverage you need.
It all comes down to what Insurance company is going to give you the most competitive rate for the insurance coverage you need.
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