Internet Marketing 101: How To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer

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Internet marketing or affiliate marketing is one popular way of earning passive income to supplement one's earnings without leaving their 9 to 5 desk job.
In fact, most Americans today have in one way or another tried their hand at affiliate marketing.
With that said, there are various ways of becoming an affiliate and knowing how it works and avoiding its pitfalls can enable one to earn without any problem.
Affiliate Types There are different companies that offer affiliate programs in the internet today one of the popular one is Amazon.
Amazon affiliate program works in two ways, either one creates a storefront or one uses links or banners from the affiliate program and add these links to their blog articles.
Own Store Front/Website The advantage of having a personal website and creating an Amazon storefront is that one can monitor the products and even choose which ones they want to add to their website.
The downside with this is that one has to maintain the associated fee of having a personal website including hosting and domain name fee.
However, with the right combination of keywords and products as well as having a well design virtual store can increase one's income.
Links, Banners, Blogging On the other hand, the advantage of being without a website is that it costs less, as one does not have to pay website/domain maintenance fees.
The downside is that some websites where the articles with the affiliate links are posted might strip the links and or have the article pushed down to oblivion (this is especially true for article directories where thousands of articles are submitted every day).
Other sites are also strict when it comes to affiliate links, as such one would only be able to add one or two product links within their article.
Be A Successful Amazon Affiliate Marketer For those who wish to make a career as an Amazon affiliate marketer, it is important to take note of the following things mentioned below.
This can help one to become a successful marketer in the long run.
The first thing to do is to choose the type of program that one wants to concentrate on.
Currently, Amazon offers "Amazonsupply" and "Amazonlocal".
Amazonsupply works by giving affiliates 15% commission on all the referrals that they can get through industrial product links and banner advertisement.
Amazonlocal, on the other hand, provides affiliate the chance to earn up to 6% on local services and products.
Once one chose which program they want, they then have to decide the niche that they want to focus on.
It can be tempting to add all the high money potential products in the website in the attempt of wanting to earn more.
However, this euphoria may only last for awhile.
Choose a niche or category that are not saturated and you will see the dollars coming in.
One might have heard of people complaining about how they lose their money or how they haven't earn anything this is due to the fact that they are in the industry that are so saturated, only those who have backings can earn and if you are just starting out, gambling all those money might not seem like a good idea.
It is important to build one's reputation so that people will know who to come to when they need a certain product.
Build a storefront or have one done professionally for you.
This way you would be able to spend less when it comes to promoting the affiliate store in terms of PPC or other ad campaigns.
Give an honest review about the pros and cons of a certain product.
By providing valuable information, one builds trust and credibility in the community and increases the trust rate of their store.
Last, but not the least, is that before selling a product, it is important to put oneself in the buyers' shoes.
This way, one would be able to think in the buyer's perspective and if one is happy with what one is selling, then more often than not, the buyer will be happy.
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