3 Creative Ways to Create an Opt In Page

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One of the best ways to build your list is to set up some opt in pages.
I'm sure you've seen them.
They usually contain a headline, a few bullet points high-lighting the features of whatever list you're signing up for and of course a box to submit your name and email address.
That's all fine and good, but why not get a little creative with your optin pages.
The following three ideas will help you stand out from the crowd and built your list even faster.
Give one or more of these strategies a try.
Use A Video Message Instead of using a bunch of text, record a video of yourself where you invite readers to join your list.
Tell them a little bit about yourself and of course what your email messages will be about.
Getting to see your face and hear your voice will go a long way toward building trust with your audience...
and that's just what it takes to get them to give you their email address.
If video seemslittle intimidating, start with an audio recording.
A quick way to record and save this audio message is by using a podcasting site called Cinch.
Just record your message and then grab the embed code and add it to your optin page.
With both video and audio messages it's a good idea to also include some text to accommodate the hearing impaired and those folks that prefer to read.
Try A WordPress Plugin I love WordPress and build most of my websites using this free blogging software.
One of the great things about it is that people are constantly developing plugins that help make my life easier.
Recently I came across a plugin that allows me to set up dedicated optin pages directly from my WordPress interface.
There are several great plugins out there that'll do this for you.
Give them a try and see if they help you set up more optin pages and grow your list.
Utilize Your Facebook Fan Page Last but not least, let's not forget about Facebook.
Did you know that you can turn your Facebook fan page into an optin page? Set up a dedicated page within your Facebook account.
Next look at your autoresponder and see if they support building your list from this popular social media site.
AWeber for example has an excellent tutorial on their site for doing just that.
You can even share special "hidden" content with readers that either like your page or sign up for your list.
And since most people use their main email address for Facebook, it's an excellent way to build a responsive list.
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