Enjoying The Flavor Of Famous French Wine

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There is nothing that is more pleasing to the palate than a good glass of famous French wine.
The flavor and the texture of this drink is like velvet as it goes down your throat.
It sharpens your senses, makes the food taste better and, in general, is what makes a meal a true and complete treasure to enjoy.
One of the most popular is French Champagne which is often served at weddings and special occasions.
When you have the pleasure of a really good glass of wine you enjoy the energy from the sun, hitting the ripening grapes on the vine.
Its odor brings in that sensation as an all over good feeling flows through your body.
When taking the first sip of this wine you know that you have found a drink that is above any previously tasted.
The French countryside's are excellent for growing the grapes that are used in the wine.
The vines are very carefully tended and babied the entire year through to ensure that only the best is grown.
Carefully pruned and tended, as the years go by they get stronger and are able to produce better and sharper grapes.
The grapes in France are produced in a number of regions and is second only to Italy and Spain for having the largest wine producing areas.
The grapes grown are red, pink and grey with white holding 30% of the total grapes grown.
Many of these vines have been transported to other countries but they have not been able to capture the true French wine taste.
In all, France produces 7 to 8 billion bottles of wine each year.
The history of French wine shows that it was first produced in the 6th century BC and its excellent quality has been noted ever since.
The wine that is exported from France today is known as high-end wine while the regular, every day wine is kept in France and is enjoyed by the French households and cafes.
Today, when dining in a good restaurant, you will often be given a choice of the different French wines on the menu.
Burgundy and Bordeaux are two regions in France that are known for their excellent wines due to their particular combination of the soil, relation to the sun's rays, type of weather and many other things.
No two regions have the same combination of climate, rainfall, land location and the factors that encourage the growth of wine grapes.
Even within regions, two vineyards might be side by side but not have the same production.
Wine produced in France is closely regulated by the government regarding classification, labeling and other issues.
For example, there are four legally defined national wine classifications.
The classification vin de table, for example, is classified as a table wine.
Vin de pays must show where produced and is called a country wine.
Vin Delimite de Qualite Superieure-VDOS is described as a superior wine and only has 30 varieties.
Appellation d'Origine Controle-AOC is the highest French wine classified.
A number of French wines can be purchased at a reasonable price and many home cooks have found it an excellent addition to their meal presentations.
You can slowly sip the famous French wine, transported from millions of miles away, and enjoy its superior taste.
The sun and grapes of France, presented to your guests in the form of the wine, will leave a lasting impression of an excellent meal.
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