Sweets Have Saved Us One Day

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If you ask any one in the street do you like sweets? Of course, he will reply! As if he finds it a strange question and considers it is self-evident.
If you love sweets to the degree of madness and if you consume all that your hand reaches, be it a candy, a chocolate bar, a cake or even fruits, then easy on yourself and do not allow remorse to creep into your mind.
There are millions of people, if not the humanity as a whole, who share this unique and somewhat alien phenomenon.
Have you ever asked yourself one day rather than blaming yourself for its love for sweets, what is this obsession with everything that is sweet? What's the secret behind why we favor sweets rather than other flavors? Have you asked yourself for example, why eating a teaspoon of salt is such a difficult thing? How about taking sour bills or medications? Why are they not any easier to be swallowed? The answer to these questions and the reason behind all this is due to two main reasons: first, genetic and second evolutionary.
Regarding the first one, according to the scientists, the genetics play a big role in our preference for all that is sweet instead of other flavors.
Scientists confirm that this happens at the time of breastfeeding.
The mother's milk is the first thing a baby feeds on, as soon as the newborn "sees the light".
This milk is naturally sweetish and delicious and makes this infant develop a preference for sweets over other tastes.
It is also known that breast milk, carries many genes that are transmitted to the baby's body directly.
On the other hand, scientists say that ancient man had maintained his existence and prevented himself from extinction and disappearing through gorging on fruits that taste sweet naturally.
That matter has turned over time to an instinctive behavior automatically, This explains why we gather pace towards anything sweet, since this behavior stems from the genetic memory which serves to remind us that sweets are what saved us from extinction one day! And if you see yourself craving for sweets, keep in mind that this is nothing but an imitation of your ancestors in the ancient past!
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