Making a living off Runescape

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Living off RuneScape
Hey!, Fellow RuneScape players!

How would you like to turn your RSGP into dollar bills?
Seriously... im no scammer, I cant do that if i tried i always found a way to mess it up ha-ha.
I have a huge idea, it's only theoretical so far. I have had success on my first try though.
Let me just cut to the chase. I have a Level 132 maxed combat RS account; I had over 300m in items and and couple hundred mill for later use. Have you ever seen those ads that over exaggerate their point? things like: "FREE RS GOLD!!! BUY NOW!!! TOTALLY FREE!!100% SAFE!!!", well.. if you havent theres a couple i found below the article haha. just Google-Search this link by highlighting and right-clicking.

Well im telling you right now, hardly any of those websites are fake. What i found reall cool is that you can literally sell your RSGP to the website. Where do you think they get thier huge inventory of RSGP? its from players that supply the website. I am a supplier. for every mill i sell them i get 50 cents. if i were to sell them 300m i would get 150$ put right into my paypal account. Originally that was just in theory, until i tested what they told me when i first started. Over the phone, I contacted one of the owners of the website and learned everything i needed to know about starting.

After telling the representative my Paypal account email,All i did was meet one of there multiple RuneScape accounts in the game. She told me where to meet her, and within the next 10 minutes traded my 100m to her player. i was on the phone throughout the whole process. i made sure it wasn't a scam. After the trade, the kind woman on the other line told me that my Paypal account was funded 50$, and there was a confirmation email waiting for me. i didn't believe it, but it was TRUE, i had just made money... playing Runescape.

If any reader would like to learn more just post a response! :)

I AM OFFERING 50%PAYOUT TO THE FIRST PERSON THAT TRADES ME THEIR RSGP INVENTORY. ask for my email if interested. i will meet you in-game.

Thank you

Have an awesome day guys!

<3 A DAMN FINE RS player

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