Windshield Traffic Laws in Minnesota

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    Stickers and Permits

    • Placing stickers and permits on windshields is allowed in Minnesota, but they must be placed in the lowest part of the windshield's bottom corners to minimize impairment of driver visibility.

    Placement of Navigation Equipment

    Windshield Tinting

    • Tinting is highly regulated in Minnesota.on reflection image by kenny123 from

      Tinting in Minnesota is highly regulated. In August 1985, the state specified where tinting may be placed and how much light may be reflected or pass through windows. The tinting intensity must also be marked on the glass for law enforcement to verify in the event a driver is pulled over. Tinting on windshields is not permitted, but it is allowed on rear windows of certain vehicles. Pickup trucks may have tinted rear windows, and vans, limousines and funeral home vehicles may tint rear windows, as well as side windows placed behind the driver. Current law specifies that the tinting must allow more than 50 percent of available light to pass through the windshield and reflect less than 20 percent more of available light.

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