As Sparkle As a Supernova

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Fashions come and go in this dynamic-changing world as old ones are replaced by the new born ones. This principle also applies for mobile phones, with the old ones give their way to the new rising series. For today's Nokia, the new upstarts are the Supernova series [].

Nokia announced the Pop-concept Supernova series last year, as Nokia7210c, 7310c, 7510a, 7610s and 7100s [] which feature with rich and exaggerated color combinations. Here let's have a quick look at these five Supernova Mobile phones:

Nokia 7100s:
This handset is the lowest-end mobile of the Supernova series which also comes the last. This slider mainly focus on "practical" in the aspect of hardware configuration, and its 2-inch, 65K colors screen may only be described as not too bad. The Nokia 7100s comes with GSM (900/1800) supported and is equipped with a 1.3MP camera, however, it doesn't have a microSD slot as a low-end handset, which we can only use "poor" to describe its 4MB internal memory.

Nokia 7210c:
The Mokia 7210c is also a low-end handset compared to the Nokia 7100s, but there is an improvement in the display and camera, while the candybar style maybe more popular among boys. What's more, it comes with GSM (900/1800/1900) supported and has an up to 2GB TF microSD slot. So the Nokia 7210c is better than the Nokia 7100s in nearly all aspects.

Nokia 7310c:
The Nokia 7310c is a turning point to the mid-end handset. Its screen has been increased to 17.6MP colors, and its microSD slot has been upgraded to 4GB, which matches the current main steam. The most impressive thing about this mobile is its stunning figures engraved in the back cover which has drawn many female's attention through the review.

Nokia 7510a:
The Nokia 7510a is the only one that comes as a flip phone among the Supernova mobiles which demonstrates Nokia's comprehensive design concept as including all the three most commonly mobile types, which also gives users more options. This handset comes with dual-screen design as the single color external screen and the 2.2-inch, 16.7MP colors, QVGA internal screen.

Nokia 7610s:
The Nokia is actually the only one that can be called as mid-end handset among the Supernova mobiles according to the current criterion. The 3.2MP, dual-LED flash camera and the 16.7MP colors, QVGA screen make it stand out of other Supernova mobiles. While we can't list it among the high-end mobiles though, it's the best among its series.

Actually, we can't simply rank the Supernova mobiles into the classic list while include the previous series into the old-fashion ones, they all have their different styles and features, and most importantly--their own fans. However, there is one point with no doubt that Nokia will carry on with fashion series. So, if you're not loyal fans to the smart phones while at the same time have an obsession for Nokia mobiles, then the classic "fashion" series must be your first choice.
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