Spare Time - What Do You Do With It?

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How do you use your spare time in your life? Everyone gets a certain amount of spare time throughout their day.
Many people choose to do something productive with this time, while others choose to seek entertainment.
What you do in your spare time will determine the amount of success that you achieve throughout your lifetime.
Everyone has a spare tire and the trunk of their car just in case they have an emergency.
If you have ever had a flat tire, you are surely happy you had a spare.
Using your spare time and live wisely is similar to having the spare tire and the trunk when you need it.
Making the right choices on a daily basis will result in success in your life.
Many people are working 40 and 50 hours per week in today's society.
Both men and women work on a daily basis in today's world, leaving no one at home.
Most research shows that when men and women get off work from their long day, they go home to relax in front of a television.
You probably have some favorite television shows that you watch on a daily, if not weekly basis.
Your family and friends probably do the same as well.
Becoming a couch potato may be enjoyable and relaxing, but watching mindless programs are not very beneficial to your brain.
You should allow yourself to have downtime and relaxation.
This downtime and relaxation should be spent with some nice relaxing music or taking some yoga at your local gym.
You may choose to sit in silence and near your favorite body of running water.
Any of these choices is much better than watching television all the time.
If you spend 15 minutes per day studying what you are passionate about or learning more about your profession, how would your life be different in one year from today? Do you have the quality of great people in your life? Are you excited each and every day when you wake up? Is today just another day that you have to wake up and go to work and repeat the same boring process? Do you have all of your eating habits handled in life? Do you get the right amount of sleep each night? Do you spend enough time with your spouse and children? Each day that you are alive and well is a gift.
There is always something you can improve your skills in life on.
The above questions are just a few for you to think about.
Do you have any new thoughts about what you can do for your spare time?
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