How To See and Be Seen With Trade Show Stands

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It's widely known that dramatic trade show stands with big, professionally designed graphics displayed boost marketing ROI and can set you apart from competitors.
Portable exhibits can also achieve the same results by integrating cutting-edge technology and high visibility tactics, while providing sturdy support, easy setup and affordable mobility.
Portable trade show stands can be utilized to display far more than just banners.
They can also be used to create attractive media stations, informational product display areas, and functional workstations that work together to boost the impact of your overall presence.
What Are Your Options For Trade Show Stands? Common trade show stands can be full-sized models, including island and modular exhibits, or portable displays, such as bannerstands.
Larger exhibits are designed for expo regulars.
These are a great selection for companies that plan to do a lot of business at industry events year-round.
Not likely to spend so much time at expos? No problem.
Though seemingly simple, bannerstands and table top displays proclaim status as an industry leader when they offer high quality, bright, clean graphics and clear messages, illuminated with focused lighting.
It is better to use double-sided banners that convey twice the message power of single-sided varieties.
Freestanding trade show stands offer high visibility without taking up valuable space.
Looking Better Than The Competition As attendees and exhibitors walk through an event, companies only get a few seconds to grab the attention of worthwhile, qualified contacts.
Employing state-of-the-art equipment, graphics, and interactive devices significantly increases the likelihood of beating out the competition and reaching valuable contacts.
One way a company can look better than everyone else is to use a curved, retractable stand, with its powerful appearance, high tech design, and commanding presence.
Another way to look better than the competition is to employ versatile equipment that makes changing the size and content of displays fast and easy, making each walkby a new and exciting experience.
Layered graphic panels are another way to establish a company as a successful industry leader.
Investing in high quality equipment tells visitors that you are worth the extra expense, and they are too.
Don't go overboard, though - you'll confuse and overwhelm attendees and complicate transport.
Keeping Set-Up Simple With all of the time demands placed on participants, ease of use and transportability are as important as content and functionality.
Look for designs that are made from high quality materials that are durable and easy to set up and transport.
If you're looking to keep it small, some equipment folds conveniently into a single case that holds everything needed for an effective presentation, without creating additional travel expenses.
Try to balance your desire to outshine the competition with the versatility of simplicity.
Put Technology To Work Tablets, videos, and interactive tools can boost attendance and effectiveness for your company's booth.
Visitors are drawn in by colorful displays that invite and inform.
Looping informational and promotional videos can add credence to your message without taking up valuable jockey time.
Tablet holders take up little room but provide a wealth of company information without any effort.
Sturdy and attractive, they protect your investment while selling your product or service for you.
Challenge visitors to games and trivia contests to boost interest and impact.
Knowing your options and a few tips to draw attention to any size of trade show stand will prepare your business for industry expo success.
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