Safety Tips for Newbie Online Daters

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DO NOT GIVE OUT SPACE INVADING INFO! If your new friend wants to know where you live, work, play, shop don't give out any information that could possibly give a potential stalker a way to intrude into your life.
Online stalking that escalates to real world stalking is quite prevalent, so do take this seriously.
Keep in mind that online dating is the perfect modality for the socially maladjusted.
They can manufacture whatever they choose and the gullible will buy it.
Ted Bundy would have been a very smooth operator online.
So do be vigilant.
Your first date should be in a public place and short and sweet.
It's advisable to tell a trusted friends and family (but not if they don't know that cyber dating is now a fact of life) where you are going and share essential information with them.
This includes an email address, screen name, telephone number etc.
It's a good idea to meet in a well lit public place.
Dutch treat is an also a good idea.
Choose a cafe, lounge or modest eatery.
This is not about being impressive, save that for later-- if there is a later.
Most first meeting are disappointments.
Rarely does your date look or behave anything like you expected.
Up close and personal may bring you to the conclusion that this is the ultimate mismatch; as you notice that have no sense of style, pick their nose, talk with their mouth full and have a creepy aura.
this could happen to you.
This is precisely why you should have the mindset that first dates are simply an opportunity to take a closer look at a perspective friend.
Don't get caught up in a fantasy and orchestrate a scenario that you hope for.
Simply put, a first dates is a fact finding mission.
It won't take you long to know if you want to have a second date or can tolerate his/her company beyond a polite 20-30 minutes.
Do NOT have your date pick you up.
Get there on your own steam and leave that way.
Check in and out with your trusted friend.
If you are really insecure about this process, advise your date and bring a friend along.
Any reasonable person can understand your apprehensions.
Don't allow your potential date to charm you out of your commonsense, stick to your plan.
In other words, stay in control.
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