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How Many Megabytes Are in an iPod Nano?

A popular product from Apple, the iPod Nano is a portable media player. Download your audio and video of choice to your Nano and enjoy it on the move throughout the day. The Nano's miniature dimensions and robust performance have sustained its success with consumers since its inception in 2006, and

Freeware iPod Data Recovery Tools

iPods have become popular among a wide segment of the population. But while their use has proliferated among the non-computer user, the fact is that the iPod is a computer whose hard drive can become corrupted and fail. This can destroy all of the music and memories stored upon it and which can neve

How to Open iPod Nano 2Gn

The second-generation iPod Nano was released in 2006 and is no longer sold in stores. Opening a second-generation Nano should be handled with care and might void any warranties with Apple. The Nanos can easily be damaged when trying to open it and is costly to fix.

Instructions for iPods

The iPod is a portable MP3 playback device designed by Apple. The most popular personal audio players in the world, iPods boast a lot of impressive features. If you have not owned an iPod before, figuring out where to start can be a bit frustrating. Learning the basics of iPod setup and how to care

How to Put Podzilla on an iPod

The iPod is designed to integrate with Apple's iTunes software. But as there are many problems with using iTunes, owners of Windows-based computers wish that they could use another system for getting their music from the computer to their iPod. Podzilla is a different operating system that can be pu

How to Get an Installer App on an iPhone

Apple is no longer the only source for applications for the iPhone. According to a March 2009 article in the he Wall Street Journal, two rival application stores--the Cydia Store and Rock Your Phone Store--sell applications not offered by Apple, many of which enhance the iPhone in ways Apple never i

How do I Put Games on a 3G iPod?

In addition to solo gaming, the iPod 3G's technology offers a multiplayer game mode that allows you to play games with other players around the world. To put games on a 3G iPod, payment for some games is required. In addition, you must download and install games Apple's iTunes, which provides thousa

How to Force an iPhone to Restore

The iPhone's reset menu can be used if you are unable to access a computer to restore the device. It is irreversible once the process begins. After it's restored, it can be sold or set up as a new device in iTunes, as all of your previous information will no longer be available.

How to Set Up Mail on an iPod Touch

The iPod touch is multifunctional device that functions as a digital audio player and personal digital assistant. You can use the Wi-Fi capable iPod touch to access your email once you set up your email accounts on the device. After setup, you can receive notifications anytime you receive a new emai

4th Generation iPod Shuffle Review

The 4th generation iPod Shuffle is a major improvement on its flawed predecessor. But does it offer enough to make it better than what's offered by the competition?

How to Get a Recently Added Playlist Back on an iPod

Some iPods have hard drives that rival the size of a computer's, providing enough room to store thousands of songs. This can make it difficult to direct your iPod to play specific songs, which is why playlists are helpful. If you have created a playlist containing a carefully thought-out group of so

How to Copy Music From an iTouch to a Different Computer

The iPod Touch, or iTouch, features a multi-touch graphical user interface. The iTouch is designed to sync with the iTunes on a single computer. Through this sync process, you can transfer information to and from the iTouch. If you want to copy music from your iTouch to a different computer, you wil

How to Use Terminal for iPhone Commands

Using a mobile terminal is an option for iPhone users who have jailbroken their phone and installed the Cydia marketplace application on it. With Cydia handy, you can install a mobile terminal and then use it to browse your directories, remove unwanted files, update your Cydia applications and move

Why Does Backing Up Your iPhone Take So Long?

Your iPhone stores a large amount of information. You use your iPhone to keep track of your calendar, email and notes. You can also use your iPhone as an iPod and store music tracks for playing with the music player. The iPhone comes with a camera and high definition video camera for taking photos a

How to Determine the Geographic Location of an iPhone

Every Apple iPhone comes with two methods of determining the device's geographic location: the Maps application and the Find My iPhone feature. If you have your iPhone in your hand, the Maps application can tell you where your iPhone is in a matter of seconds. If you do not, however, you can still d

How to Change the Passcode on a NEC Phone

Some companies use NEC phone systems to manage several phone lines and receive voice messages. These phone systems allow you to transfer calls to other lines, forward calls if nobody answers and perform conference calls. When you want to access your voice mail, you need to enter a passcode to access

Trouble Registering iPod

Although not required, the iPod registration process protects your device from potential problems that may leave your device inoperable and in need of repair. While the iPod is usually registered when connected to your computer through iTunes, manually register the device through the Apple site if y

How to Back Up Apps From an iPod Touch to a Computer

Once you purchase an application from the iTunes App Store, it is sent directly to your iPod Touch. In order to save this application, you have to sync your iPod Touch to iTunes on your personal computer. Simply performing a sync does not save your application information. You need to set up your iT

How To Copy an Audio Book to My iPod

In addition to music and video, the iPod is designed to accommodate fans of audio books. These materials, available in the iTunes store, are sorted into their own folder and allow you to listen to readings of your favorite books at your leisure, always saving your place and resuming exactly where yo