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How to Make an Endless Scarf From Fabric

Scarves can worn to block the chill when the weather turns cold, as fashion accessories for your wardrobe or a combination of both. Endless scarves made from fabric can provide the benefits of either scarf type. Endless scarves, also known as eternity, infinity or circle scarves, can be made using m

How Do You Change Your Ladder On "GameBattles?"

GameBattles is the biggest online source for competitive gaming on both PC and console gaming. There are currently over 5 million gamers subscribed to GameBattles and over a million teams competing on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo Wii and other platforms. A GameBattles ladder is structured s

How to Make a Fabric Stiffener for Starching Bows

The ribbon you use to make floral or hair bows needs structure to keep it firm and stiff. Although some ribbon gets this structure from wired edges, if you use wireless ribbon, your bows may require extra shaping. Make a homemade fabric stiffener for starching bows. When you finish adding the stiffn

The Difference Between Metaconglomerate & Conglomerate

Conglomerate and metaconglomerate rock begin as particles of rock and sand collected in the sediment of streams, rivers or oceans. Conglomerate rock is a type of sedimentary rock that can become metaconglomerate rock through geological events, such as tectonic plate collision or subduction. Conglome

How to Make a Comedy Mask Without Using Paper Mache

Comedy and tragedy masks originate in Ancient Greek theater as a way of easily showing emotion and character to large audiences. They have become a symbol of theater in modern times. If you want to make a comedy mask, you can do so using plaster bandages and the face of a friend. You will build up v

Diy Computer Table - Quick Tip !

Likely there's a special craft you want to see take shape but you're stumped on the first step - obtaining diy computer table projects - i have some advice for you. This article will

How to Use Sinew for Sewing

Sinew for sewing is prepared from animal tendons that have been split into threads. These threads are strong, durable and flexible when damp, but shrink and harden considerably when dry. Sinew was traditionally used by indigenous cultures like Native Americans to sew leather and buckskin. They used

How to Create Pet Stationery

Making your own pet-themed stationery is quick, easy and affordable. You can customize your stationery with photographs, drawings, rubber stamps or other scrapbooking methods. Pets, whether your own or your friends' favorite animals, are good models for artistic pet stationery. Dogs, cats, lizards,

How to Identify the Value of 1920-1950 Red and Silver Pennies

Pennies struck by the U.S. Mint from 1920 to 1950 featured Abraham Lincoln on the front and the words "one cent" surrounded by wheat heads on the reverse, leading to numismatists referring to these coins as "wheat pennies." For all the years of those three decades--except for 1943--the coins were co

How to Make Friendship Bracelets Without a Braiding Disc

A braiding disc can be used to help make the process of creating a friendship bracelet a little simpler. However, if you do not own a braiding disc or have access to one, then you can make a friendship bracelet the old-fashioned way. All you really need is about four different colors of strong strin

How to Make Origami Paper Crossbows

A crossbow is a weapon that shoots an arrow using a spring mechanism that lets you aim and pull a trigger similar to the way you'd shoot a rifle. You can make your own pretend crossbow out of paper and scour the countryside for bandits to shoot at. You will need some common household items as well a

DIY Wood Crates

Everyone can use more storage space. Building DIY wood crates cannot only work for additional storage; they can also double as custom room décor. Wood crates have come a long way from being the main delivery box for live chickens or fruits and vegetables from the local farm. DIY wood crates tod

How to Crochet Capes

Capes and capelets keep you warm on those cool spring, summer and fall nights. Rather than buying one, make one, using a warm, furry mohair yarn and a crochet hook. As you make this item, you will be making the main body of the cape, using double crochet and a specialty shell stitch, then the collar

How to Chain Stitch

The most basic crochet stitch is the chain stitch. You'll need a chain stitch to start any project, whether it's hats, sweaters, blankets, or anything else. Of course, the crochet chain stitch is not difficult to do.

How to Decide the Measurement of the Waist on a Circle Tail Skirt

Circle tail skirts are skirts that are extremely flowy and can be made from one piece of fabric. When you make your own skirts, you must know the measurement of your waist, so you can get a perfect fit for your circle tail skirts. These skirts can be made from all different types of fabrics. They lo

How to Cut a Scalene Triangle for Quilting Blocks

In a scalene triangle, no two sides or angles are equal. Fabric scalene triangles fit with other fabric triangles to create squares or “quilt blocks.” Quilters sew the blocks together to form the quilt top. For example, a 10-inch isosceles triangle, with three equal sides, requires two s

How to Crochet into an Arch Space

In crocheting, it matters where you work the next stitch – in the previous row's stitches, in only the front or the back of the stitch or in the arch space below the stitch (the chain that connects two stitches). This will influence whether the project will have a ribbed pattern, a series of a