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How to Change the Antifreeze in a Mazda M3

Keeping up on the maintenance on your Mazda 3 is vital to its performance and life span. Changing the antifreeze is one of those tasks that must be completed, but don't worry, it's a relatively simply job you can do at home on your driv way or in your garage. The Car Care Council recommends you che

How to Disassemble Manual Locking Hubs in a 1982 Chevy

The front axle on a 1982 Chevrolet uses manually locking hubs as part of the four-wheel drive system. To engage them, you have to get out of the vehicle and turn the hubs by hand to lock the front axles in place. Should these hubs break, you will need to disassemble the front hubs so that you can in

How to Remove a Broken Oil Pan Bolt

From time to time, a bolt will be cross-threaded or over-tightened and will break off in the block while replacing an oil pan. Removal of the broken bolt can be time-consuming and result in additional damage if not done properly. This project requires special tools, but they are available at larger

How do I Fill an Impact Gun?

Filling a pneumatic impact gun with air tool oil keeps the parts from rusting and reduces friction inside the gun at high speeds. Water in air lines can cause a gun to rust from the inside out. The materials needed for this job can be found in most hardware and automotive stores. The job should tak

How to Replace a Lancer Headlight

The Mitsubishi Lancer offers a simple design to facilitate changing your headlights. In some vehicles you have to remove the headlight assembly and other parts to access the headlight itself, but in the Lancer you do not need to mess with any other car parts except those on the assembly. The assembl

How to Read Automotive Wiring Diagrams

Automotive wiring diagrams outline how the electrical system is laid out. Each symbol in the automotive wiring diagram represents a power source, device to be powered, switching mechanism, electrical conductor, or electrical ground.Older automotive wiring diagrams utilize symbols that lo

How to Install a Starter on a 2003 Toyota Matrix

If you need to install a new starter on your 2003 Toyota Matrix, you need to remove the old broken one first. Fortunately, the process of replacing the starter in the Toyota Matrix is not much different then changing one in a domestic engine. You will be able to change the starter in a relatively sh

How to Release the Spare Tire for a KIA Sedona

The Kia Sedona is a mid-size minivan produced by Kia Motors. The spare tire is stored on the underside of the vehicle, under the right-side cargo door. The bolt is located in a recessed area that is protected by a small square plastic covering. To remove the spare tire, find and remove the bolt cove

How to Adjust Brake Pedal Height in a Pontiac Bonneville

When you feel too much free play in your brakes, you can run it down to the auto mechanic, or you can adjust the height of your brake pedal. You only need a few tools and the information contained in this article to perform this relatively simple task.

Why Do My Windshield Wipers Chatter?

Windshield wipers clear away precipitation on your windshield to improve your vision while driving. There are some factors that can contribute to your wipers chattering or squeaking and should be checked immediately for safety.

How to Repair a 1989 Ford Diesel Starter

The 1989 Ford F-Series trucks, excluding the F-150, were available with a 7.3-liter IDI engine. Due to the sheer bulk of the engine, the 7.3's required a very larger starter motor for initial torque to get the engine running. While starter repair houses were semi-common in metropolitan areas in the

How to Replace the Spark Plug on a Toro Snow Blower

Spark plugs are vital parts of any gasoline combustion engine. They are the pieces that ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, which in turn generates the energy that makes the engine operate. Your Toro snow blower has a single spark plug to power the engine; you will need to rep

Automobile AC Problems

Automobile air-conditioning problems can often be resolved by replacing a switch or refilling the liquid that supplies the refrigeration process. There can also be bigger problems that might require a more labor intensive repair by your mechanic. One problem with the AC can even be a health hazard.

How to Troubleshoot the EGR Valve on a 1999 Chevy 2500 4X4

The exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve) on your 1999 2500 4x4 truck recirculates the air in your truck's exhaust back to the combustion chamber for a more complete burning. The EGR valve is located on the intake manifold in the 2500, next to the thermostat housing and behind the drive belt.

Fitting Parking Sensors - A Five Step Guide

Fitting parking sensors makes driving and parking so much easier. How your system is installed will depend largely on the shape of your car, but also which device is used.

How to Mix Fiberglass Resin & Cab-o-Sil

Cab-o-sil belongs to a range of products called fumed silicas. These products are essentially powdered glass and are used to thicken liquids such as fiberglass resin. An alternative to fiberglass gelcoat can be created by mixing resin with cab-o-sil, creating a "mud" that has the same properties of

Specifications for the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

In Spanish, the word Murcielago means bat, but Lamborghini says the vehicle was named after a famous 19th-century Spanish bull.David J Slater/Creatas/Getty ImagesThe Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is descended from a long line of high-performance, mid-engine, V-12, exotic sports cars. The...

How to Replace an O2 Sensor on a 1997 Chrysler Concorde

One of the many components in the emission control system of modern automobiles, is the oxygen (O2) sensor. This sensor measures the amount of oxygen present in the engine exhaust. The O2 sensor is linked to the vehicle's computer. This allows for the computer to make adjustments to the fuel/air m