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Why You Should Have a Newsletter For Your Blog

Why your blog should offer an email newsletter to your readers.If you are serious about making money and getting more traffic for your blog, than you should offer an email newsletter.

How to Create a Christmas Layout on Blogger

You don't need to know HTML to create a Christmas layout on You can make your blog look festive using only the tools that Blogger supplies. When you're creating your Christmas blog, it's important to think about driving traffic to your writing. After all, there's no point in blogging ab

9 Essential WordPress Plugins For Every Blog

Every time I install a new blog I have a set of plugins that I would not be without. This list does change from time to time as I discover new tricks, but here are my must have plugins and why they are essential to me.

Easy Blogging For Beginners

Blogging is a new phrase that is in most people's vocabulary nowadays thanks to the literacy and savvy of most people, especially in a world where computers are ever-present. But what exactly is it? And can I do it? And as a beginner, is there any way that there can be easy blogging for beginne

5 Simple Writing Strategies For Great Blogging

Establishing writing strategies you can pick and choose from to satisfy your readers is a must for every good blogger!Read further to see 5 suggested strategies many bloggers use for engaging their re

Blog Post Writing - Be Different and Get the Attention You Deserve

Have you noticed that most blogs these days contain the same information? Some of them even have the same theme and design. Well, if you want to get noticed, you've got to take another route that is, the road less traveled. You need to find ways on how you can...

Projects That Work When It Comes To Making Money With The Internet

Blogging is something that can be a lot of fun but not all of the time. It is sometimes hard to find the right balance between good content and content that you post when you have nothing else to post. So what exactly do you do when you run out of all your great ideas for your blog?

How Does Podcasting Fit Into a Company's Training Programs?

Now that the buzz surrounding podcasting has subsided some, what is the place of podcasting in today's learning arsenal? It's a very good question. By now, most learning professionals have heard of podcasts in one way or another. They may have learned about them from buying their children&

Designing and Selling Your Own WordPress Themes

Blogs are plainly the commonest sort of website on the internet. If you explore Google for any keyword term, in all likelihood at least six of the sites that come up in the top ten for that keyword are blogs. Most individuals starting websites nowadays are choosing blogs rather than undynamic inform

Make Money Blogging By Not Trying To

Although blogging appears to be a difficult task, that is mainly due to people trying too hard to make money with it. Read the article for an explanation.

Internet Marketing With WordPress

Of all the blogging platforms on the web, WordPress is by far the most popular. This free platform allows you to take control of your own blogging empire, and eliminate the risk of your blog getting shut down. Many of the free blogging platforms do not provide you with control of your blog, and this

PPC And Viral Marketing To Get Blog Traffic

If you want to have a profitable blog, you will need traffic. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't need a lot of traffic to your blog to make money with it. This kind of reasoning is the reason that so many people fail in the realm of online marketing.

Your Blog: Center of Your Overall Marketing Strategy

So how are you doing with your blog? Are you adding something on a regular basis? Your blog should be at the center of your overall marketing strategy because you can use it as platform to market on social media sites, to engage in paid traffic strategies, and to compete in the search engines. And,

How to Write a Blog Contact Page

With more and more spammers starting blogs for the sole purpose of hurting others, it’s important for you to build a presence online that says “You can trust me.” And one way to do that is to write up a user-friendly contact page.A contact page clearly spells out who you are and

Marketing Your Business With The Help Of Blogging

If you're still using the usual marketing tools for your business, look this way and find more effective and exciting online marketing tools like business blogging. Many small businesses nowadays get found online through business blogging. Your business can get found too if you harness the mark

How to Set Up a Free WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

I've had a ton of people ask me lately how to get started marketing online, and more importantly how to get up their first website and start making money in the fastest time possible. I'll show why setting up a WordPress blog is the best way to start making money online--whether you alread

How to Start With Blog Marketing

These blogs are a trend nowadays that more and more people are involved with. Since these web logs started as another way of expressing thoughts clearly regarding whatever niche that would interest people, it has been used for almost any type of written activity that people love doing online such as

Make $100 a Week Just by Blogging

Okay, so you're probably thinking, "You're full of it." There is no way in this world to make $100 a week just by blogging. Well, what would you say if you were told that there are people out there making much more than that each week. In fact, they are probably making in excess