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Bad Credit Buster - The Secrets Behind Fixing Your Bad Credit Fast

Credit score is a very important factor in loan approvals and by fixing your bad credit fast you can make sure the loan approval process does not get stuck somewhere. Here we will look at some of the methods which you can use to fix your bad credit fast and help credit score to improve. First of all

Student Credit Cards - Start your Financial Future the Right Way

When students go off to college, many of them have little, if any credit. With the need to buy books and keep up with the cost of living, often, students may find that they need some credit even though they have no credit history to back it up. Many credit companies understand this need and have sta

How to Protect Yourself Against Credit Report Errors

About 80% of all credit reports contain some inaccurate information, ranging from the apparently innocent to the extreme. One common mistake comes from simple spelling errors. A 2004 report shows that 54% of credit reports included in the study had personal information (date of birth, address, conta

Effectively Manage Your Company With Business Credit Cards

Many people consider business credit cards as one of the most attractive items when it comes to making things easier for businesses. The solution to most business expenses can be easily found in providing company credit cards for those who need them. Credit cards for corporate and small business own

Can You Stop a Court Order Judgment on a Credit Card Debt?

A credit card company you owe a balance to can seek a court judgment against you if you do not voluntarily pay off your debt. Or the credit card company can sell the account to a debt collector that also has the right to sue you and seek a judgment. A court judgment allows the creditor to recover th

Equal Opportunity Credit Act -- It's the Law

The Equal Opportunity Credit Act (ECOA) is a legally binding US law to insure that everyone is entitled to the same opportunity for credit.It prohibits discrimination against applicants on the basis o

Is Knowing Your Credit Score Really That Important?

You see the ads on TV and hear them all day on the radio asking if you know your credit score. They all want you to use their service and get copies of your credit report and score. But is it really necessary? Do you really need to know your FICO score? Here's a closer look...

10 Things That Don't Impact Your Credit Score

Your credit score can be a weight around your shoulders or a free and liberating number. When you're looking to make significant purchases, your credit score says a lot to those lending you the money. Learn more about what factors do not come into play with your credit score.

Can You Join the Army When in Debt?

Simply being in debt won't disqualify you from joining the U.S. Army. After all, most people have at least some debt. A bigger challenge could be a poor credit score, but even then a complete disqualification isn't likely.

Alternatives to Quicken for Home Banking

Intuit's Quicken software has been the default choice for many home users to maintain their finances, but it is not to everyone's liking: some dislike the checkbook ledger method of accounting, find that integrating it with their online accounts is too difficult, or simply don't want all of the bell

Credit Repair Software Wins Showdown of Credit Repair Options

There are only four ways to fix your credit, including credit repair services (such as law firms), following the credit bureau's recommendations, credit repair e-books, and credit repair software. Here we rate them, from worst to best.

Locating the Best Airline Miles Card

As you know right now that there are great deals on incentives from the major airlines which offer this service but despite this you can still get some better mileage deals out side of that particular company. And right at this time most people are choosing the mileage cards over the cards of the ma