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Review of KIA Carens DVD With GPS Navigation

Summary This is for KIA Cerato. Ahead of you obtain please compare the dimention with the unit to your original radio. It adopts Win CE six.0 operating technique with SIRF Atlas IV chip. The storage ...

What Should Be Considered Before Buying Car Stereo Equipment?

Running an out of date audio equipment is quite tiring for many people. They are fed up with the music, the radio program coming right from the old car audio equipment. A large quantity of car audio equipments has launched on the market and is very appealing to lots of car fans.

How to Program My Jetta Keyless Entry

To program the keyless entry remote for your Volkswagen Jetta you'll need at least two ignition keys, as well as the remote you are programming. According to Volkswagen, if you order a new or replacement key fob for your Jetta, it is recommended that you order one from an authorized VW dealership. I

Car Buying Checklist

Use a car buying image by bright from Fotolia.comBuying a new or used car is both exciting and stressful. Use a car buying checklist to ensure you don't forget any of the important details during your transaction. You can potentially waste money or make a mistake that can...

How to Work the MP3 in My Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is Hyundai's version of a luxury sedan. It comes in three distinct models including the Sonata GLS, SE and Limited. Although some features are not available in the lower models, one interior feature that is standard across all three models is an MP3 auxiliary jack. This is an exte

Come Across For Reliable Car Alarm Repair

A variety of repairing services that may include car alarm repairing San Francisco, stereo installation and repairing, etc. have been receiving attention in the last couple of years. However, the moot question is where to get them the best

Do Your Car DVD Players Have Illegal Software Installed?

Are you selling car DVD players with GPS functions from China online? You might be inadvertently helping the spread of software piracy! Find out here about an alarming trend that could cost you your business and how to avoid it.

Where to Mount Your Car Amps

There are several places in your car to install your car amps. You can usually be mounted with just 4 screws. The screws you use will depend on what you are screwing into, wood, metal, etc.

How to Install a Keyless Entry Lock

Keyless entry locks are becoming increasingly popular, both on cars and at homes and businesses. In fact, most new cars come equipped with this feature, so installing keyless locks on older models comes at a very affordable price. To install a keyless entry lock on your car or home, all it takes is

About Car Sound Systems

Car audio and home audio systems once had little in common. Cars were equipped with basic, tinny radios serving up the AM hits of the day, while serious high-fidelity listening was reserved for the home. The difference in sound quality was substantial. Not so, today--car stereo systems have develope

Children With Excellent Skills Should Be Cared

When considering the Actors normally they would have magnificent skills. Joking, dancing and fighting are some of the most common skills. A Hero will surely have the skill of fighting and dancing.

How to Make Your Car Entertainment System Perfect

The installation setup of a car's sound system greatly affects the overall sound quality. There is a huge variety of car audio systems already being launched in market depending upon the latest car models. However its basic set up has remained steady throughout these years...

The Big 3 Car Audio Wiring Upgrade

The "Big 3" is a very simple addition to your car's electrical system.Basically, three additional runs of wire are added to the vital parts of your car's electrical system in order to support high current draw from powerful amplifiers.With the "Big 3" installed, you wil

How to Change a Car Muffler

As cars get more modernized to pass national and state emissions standards, the exhaust systems are becoming more complicated. Replacing mufflers was never easy for a backyard mechanic, and nowadays it does not come highly recommended. However, if you have an old car and there's clearance underneath

Car DVD Player Makes Your Life Easier

There is nothing more exciting than customizing and personalizing your car. Have you ever thought why you act like that? Since you own the automotive, it means that it is an important transportation for you. ...

How to Install a Stereo in a VW Passat

The VW Passat has many upgradable features and one of the most popular is the factory stereo system. Upgrading the sound system in your VW Passat is one of the easier car projects. Swapping out the factory stereo for a new head unit gives you better sound and newer features. Changing out the stereo

How to Install Keyless Entry on a Toyota Yaris

Keyless entry is a convenient feature, but is also a valuable safety system to have installed in your Toyota Yaris. Keyless entry systems allow you to enter your car quicker and easier, and also serve as theft deterrents. The keyless entry installation process does not require any tools and only tak

How to program an Acura keyless entry remote fob

Replacing a lost keyless entry fob at the dealer can cost more than $50 dollars and requires you to take time out of your day to go to the Acura dealer. By obtaining a key fob on eBay or other sources on the internet, you can save time and lots of money.