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How to Draw a Six Pointed Star

The six-pointed star has many meanings and interpretations within religion and politics. The star has strong religious significance within many religions, most prominently with Christianity and Judaism. In Christianity it is known as the star of creation, where the six points represent the six days

How to Draw Eagle Faces

Eagles are predatory birds that inhabit all continents except Antarctica. They are frequently rendered as symbols of authority, largely due to the eagle image in the Great Seal of the United States. The eagle also symbolizes majesty and graceful but severe power. The bird's stern appearance comes fr

How to Finish Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is created with a mixture of crushed limestone and a resin. You can enhance the appearance of a cultured marble surface and protect it from stains and abrasion scars by finishing it with a high-gloss sealer. Before you begin the application process, you will need to dedicate yourself

Timpani Mallet Types

Timpani are the backbone of orchestral book. manuscript. music score image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comTimpani mallets, or drumsticks, have a rich history. Timpani have existed since the 17th century, and are one of the orchestra's loudest instruments. Different types of...

Painting Vs. Paneling a Basement

Deciding what to do with your basement walls is a common part of a basement remodeling project. In most cases, basement walls are block or poured concrete. Two of the options you have are painting the walls or installing paneling. You need to weigh each option and determine which of the two is best

Step-by-Step on How to Draw Realistic Car Flames

Drawing realistic flames can be a challenge for even the most accomplished artists. Real flames constantly flicker and move, which can be difficult to portray through your drawing. However, the different shapes and forms flames adopt make them an interesting subject to draw. Adding realistic flames

How to Draw Different Peace Signs

Almost everyone will recognize a peace sign when they see it: the circle with a "y" shape in the center, divided by another line. But how many peace signs have you seen with a unique twist? Even though the classics are always good, maybe you've considered drawing something a little different with a

Download HD Wallpapers Free Exclusively at Wallpapergang

With the advancement in technology, now people have switched to computers for various professional and personal purposes. Most of the people are engaged in work on computers whole day long, this is most of the ...

How to Save Paint Rollers

If you are in the habit of cleaning your roller whenever you have to interrupt your painting job, then you know how troublesome and time-consuming this can be. It also wastes paint and creates pollution. It is easier to cover your roller so it will remain soft and full of paint for the next use, sav

Professional Painting & Contractor Tips

Professional painting contractors face many challenges when trying to garner a profit. Paint mishaps and crew mismanagement can often lead to large increases in overhead, causing a forfeiture of estimated profits. If you want your painting business to be profitable, you must work hard to...

How to Draw an Evil Girl Clown

A clown can be depicted as a funny, cheerful character or with sinister overtones. A female evil clown can be drawn in much the same way as a male evil clown by adding appropriate elements to bring out the characteristics that will make a clown drawing look both evil and feminine.

How to Clean an Acrylic Brush

Brushes are one of the most expensive elements of acrylic painting. If you keep your brushes clean, you will save a great deal of money over the years. A good brush is a great tool, and will allow you to control the paint and apply it with much more accuracy. It doesn't make sense to make the invest

How to Make Theatrical Lighting

Theatrical lighting fixtures, called instruments, are highly specialized, offering consistent light quality and control for theatrical productions. Many modern lighting instruments offer a variety of automated features, including changing colors and patterns that can be manually controlled or set to

How to Draw Pictures of Roses

Perhaps one of the most well-loved and widely known flowers in the world, roses have long been a favorite of artists. With step-by-step instructions, a beginning artist can easily draw roses to create a beautiful work of art.

How to Refinish Laminated Glass Recurve Bows

A laminated glass recurve bow is composed of fiberglass that is finished with a clear sealer. If you'd like to refinish your laminated glass recurve bow, you have a pair of options: you can take down the existing faded or flaking finish and add a fresh layer of glossy sealer, or you can add an endur

How to Draw a Cheetah

The cheetah is a member of the Felidae family, similar to other types of cats such as the panther and the tiger. The tan coat with black spots gives the cheetah a familiar look, recognizable just by the pattern. A picture of this animal positioned in the way desired can assist you in drawing a cheet

How to Refinish Steel

Before attempting to refinish a steel surface, consider a pair of critical points. Like other nonporous surfaces, steel is poorly suited for adhesion. If you apply a new finish directly over ill-prepared steel, expect heavy flaking to ensue. Unfortunately, steel surfaces are too durable for the fri