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How to Use an iPod With a Sony DM Port

Sony DM or Digital Media ports provide a docking station for your iPod personal media player. The DM port allows you to both charge your iPod and share its audio with the devices in your home audio system as long as your receiver features a DM port. The auxiliary connection included in the DM port r

How to Make a Bootable Backup Disk

A bootable backup disk can easily be made using native Windows software "'Backup and Restore Center." The bootable backup disk can then be burned to a CD or DVD and used to restore the computer. The backup disk can store all the installed programs, files and information on the computer. This can sav

How to Compare G4 CPU Upgrades

Comparing Apple's G4 processors, otherwise known as "Power PC" processors, is a matter of knowing their performance-related specifications. It is important to look at the speed of the processor itself, as well as its ability to store and transfer information.

How to Password Protect FrontPage 2003

When you password protect Microsoft FrontPage 2003, your website administrators will have access to your webpage. This allows administrators the ability to modify any settings or make changes to your site when they see fit. Password protection will also help keep outsiders or hackers from attempting

How to Update a K7S5A Motherboard BIOS

The BIOS is the utility that initiates all of the hardware of the computer before starting the operating system. New BIOS (basic input/output system) versions are released periodically to correct bugs or to add functions. To update or upgrade a BIOS, including the K7S5A manufactured by ECS (Elitegro

How to Adjust the Font Size in IE8

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) web browser possesses many features designed to make exploring the web a comfortable process for people of all types. One such option is the ability to adjust the font (or text) size on websites when using IE8. With this feature, IE8 users can more easily enjoy

How to Change File Dates in Linux

All Linux files have both an access date/time stamp and a modification date/time stamp associated. These times are important when the backup script determines whether a file will be backed up based on its date/time stamps. Sometimes, when you extract a file from a backup, the date/time stamps are

How to Reinstall a Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is Microsoft's proprietary screen capture utility that comes preinstalled on the Windows operating system. The Snipping Tool is used to capture screen shots of anything displayed on your desktop. This feature is grouped in the Tablet PC feature set. If the Snipping Tool no longer

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How to Set the Margins on an HP Officejet Pro K550

The HP Officejet Pro K550 can print on various sizes and types of print media and can also print on both sides of a page. It can print on envelopes, greeting card paper, photograph paper, transparencies and custom-sized items. By default, Windows sets up the printer so that it uses 8 1/2-by-11 inch

Buying Quality Used Laptop Parts Is A Money-saving Option

People who use laptops sometimes face issues with their devices. The screen might get broken; RAM may not work properly, problems with batteries and more. In such situations, people do not sell their laptops and buy new ones.

How to Switch Your Laptop's Integrated Webcam to a Desktop

Most netbooks and laptops built after 2007 came with integrated webcams that didn't require the installation of drivers and waiting inconveniences of external webcams. This is useful to a point, until a user wants to use a camera with other capabilities or take advantage of differing angles. To make

Software for a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard

Software for Microsoft's range of wireless keyboards is available online. Installation of the correct drivers and utility software makes all of the features of the keyboard available on your PC.

How to Prevent Your PC From Activating the Screensaver

According to the New Paltz State University of New York, screensavers were first made to prevent image burn-ins on monitors. If the same image remained on an old monitor screen for too long, it was possible for the image to be permanently ingrained on the screen. Today, screensavers are generally us

How to Erase a Dvd-Rw Disc in Windows XP

DVD-RWs are rewritable storage discs that can hold up to 4.7 GB (Gigabytes) of data. Use them for backing up files in XP or storing videos and movies (see reference 1, 4.7GB). You don't have to erase a DVD-RW in order to add additional files. Simply check its storage capacity and verify that it has

How to Extract .SFX File

As an abbreviation, SFX can refer to the special effects you see in television programming and movies. However, .sfx on a Windows computer system refers to a compressed data file. In order to view, edit or type information into an .sfx file, you first need to extract the information. However, unlike

How do I Upgrade a Palm M505 Operating System?

The Palm m505 was introduced in 2001 with Palm OS 4.0 installed. Palm never rolled out an operating system update, but the manufacturer did offer a series of updates, including a backlight management utility, an improved PC sync application and a program copy module. Updates are available online fro

Types of CRT Monitors

The cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube used to display images. It has three main parts--the screen, the electron gun and the accelerator. The screen, as the name suggests, displays images. The electron gun produces a beam of electrons aimed at the screen. The accelerator controls the...

How to Care for Your Computers and Laptops

Many of us wouldn't dream of not having our computers, SmartPhones and AV equipment, they have become such an integral part of our everyday lives - not to mention can be a substantial investment if you've paid for the technology upfront. To get the most out of your technology equipment, yo

How to Remove & Clean a Keypad on a Compaq V2000 Laptop

The Compaq Presario V2000 model of notebook computer features a full-size Windows keyboard. The keyboard includes a numeric keypad that utilizes the "7", "8", "9", "0," "U," "I," "O," "P," "J," "K," "L," "M," "." and "/" keys. Users activate the numeric keypad feature by pressing the Number Lock but