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How to Change an Oracle Password

Oracle is a relational database management system that stores data in tables. Users who access Oracle databases and tables must supply their log-in credentials (user name and password) in order to access the data. As a database administrator (DBA), you can change your Oracle password and the passwor

DLink Router Problems

D-Link manufactures a wide range of routers and other equipment for home and office use. Problems with D-Link hardware can be troubleshooted using a variety of methods, primarily using the resources on the D-Link website.

About External Harddrives

External hard drives are peripherals that extend the capacity of your computer's storage area. Adding an external hard drive is like adding a new bookshelf or filing cabinet. It allows you to store more of your data in an organized and accessible manner.

How to Reset PMU on a G4 PowerBook

If your PowerBook G4 laptop is unable to wake up after being put in sleep mode or won't turn on after pushing the power button, the power management unit may have a problem, according to the official Apple website. The PMU handles the functionality of your computer's shut down and sleep functions an

How to Use a Lexmark X2690

After using a computer for an extended period of time, it is not uncommon to encounter a situation where you need to print, copy or scan a document. Unless this situation arises in a business office or other location where these activities are common and warrant the ownership of all of these devices

Xerox WorkCentre XE88 Printer - So Compact Yet So Many Functions

Many businesses are now buying the Xerox WorkCentre XE88 printer for their office. It is best for a small office or even a home office. You will love how this printer does everything that you need and it is all in one machine. For a wonderful digital scanner, copier and printer, this machine will pe

How Can I Format a Floppy Disk?

A floppy disk is a reusable and removable form of computer media, useful for storing small files such as text and image files. Copy and paste files between the floppy and a computer as needed. But if you want to erase all data on the disk (which is recommended before discarding or giving away the di

How to Boost Scanner Antennas

Scanner antennas receive signals across a wide range of frequencies. Scanner antennas include police scanners, wi-fi scanners, search-and-rescue communication equipment and amateur radio scanners that seek out any signal. Scanner antennas may be used by those who wish to listen in or so that parties

How to Compare Toners

The cost of printing can be very high, depending on the type of printer you use, how much you print and the yield of your ink or toner cartridges. Though toner costs more in the short term than an ink cartridge, in the long run money is saved. Compared to ink, toner is cheaper. But how do you determ

Why You Should Choose Ipad 2

The new iPad 2 tablet boasts multitude of cool new features. The new device is thinner and lighter than iPad 1. In this article we have discussed about some key reasons for which you should choose iPad 2. Read this article and learn more about iPad 2.

How to Copy a Mini DVD to a Hard Drive

Mini DVDs are a small form factor of the DVD specification for use with miniaturized devices. Mini DVDs are usually used in specialized MP3 or video players to allow for small their size. Mini DVDs are fully compatible with computer DVD players. In fact, they are the precise reason computer DVD play

How to Erase Files on a DVD-RW

DVD-RW is a rewritable format, so you can burn and delete files on the disc thousands of times over. This is great for people who want to use a disc once to watch a movie, but then wipe it clean to put something else on it. For some, though, erasing a DVD-RW can be a little difficult at first. Thank

What Is an ATT Attachment?

If you use Outlook Express 5.0 or higher, on occasions, you're likely to receive ATT files as email attachments. The anonymous file attachments usually have a .att extension. Files ATT000XX.txt or ATT000XX.htm can also appear as attachments in emails sent to your inbox. In some instances, an ATT att

The C7974a Hp Lto4 Desiginated Media Cartridge

The HP LTO-4 C7974A, offering new adopted a hardware based AES 256-bit key encryption which is very useful and becomes a straightforward part of every day data storage, archiving and well protected backup operations.

How to Backup System Files

A computer system is vulnerable to system crashes, virus infections and hardware failures that leave valuable data vulnerable. In the blink of an eye, important documents, photos, video, and music files can be lost because of a system crash. As we rely on computers more and more in our daily lives,

How to Make a Podcast With Background Music

A podcast is a recorded audio program available for download on the Internet or through a service such as ITunes. Some podcasts are released on a regular schedule. Others have an irregular release schedule or are recordings of one-off events. Podcasts can be as elaborately produced as a commercial r

How to Connect a Serial Printer to a USB

That old serial printer can still be connected to a modern PC or laptop with an adapter cable for a USB port and software, so the two devices can communicate. The adapter has a serial plug on one end for your printer connection and a USB plug on the other side for hooking up with the computer. The c

Booting Problem in PC

One fine day you start your PC and get messages that say,Book Disk failure. The problem is that the hard disk is detected but the OS does not load. The system may get stuck in the second screen during the booting process or the OS might display an error message and refuse to load. Such situations ca

How Do I Import a Screen Saver to Windows XP?

Most every computer comes pre-installed with certain screen savers on it, and you can always download your own screen savers to your computer from the free ones offered on the Internet. Sometimes, though, you might have an awesome screen saver on one computer and want to transfer it to another one.