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How to Launch .Exe As Administrator

In order to aid computer owners in controlling what is installed and run on their computers, different types of user accounts can be created so that only authorized users can install software or run certain programs. Before .exe files that install software or make other changes to the operating syst

How do I Know If Someone Is Spying on My Computer?

Data thieves use a class of software known as spyware to record information and send it back to the thief. Spyware can take many forms. The most common is the key-logger. Key-loggers record every key you type on the computer, capturing passwords and email messages. Other forms of spyware can track y

How to Check Defrag Percentage

A fragmented hard disk will seriously impact your computer's performance. A fragmented hard drive is one where files are split apart and located across the drive in discontinuous fragments. Some operating systems will fragment hard drives over time, which will steadily lower the overall performance

How to Download a Windows 2000 Upgrade From the Internet

Downloading the recommended updates for your Windows 2000 system can help to keep your computer running safe and stable; these updates contain bug fixes and patches that will keep hackers and other undesirables from compromising your system. These updates can be automatically downloaded from the Int

How to Configure VNC Lite

VNC Lite is a virtual network client for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that is developed by Mocha Software. It allows you to view a remote Windows or Mac computer from your Apple device and interact with files and programs without physically accessing the host computer. This is very useful for sup

How to Get Rid of the MyWebSearch Bar

My Web Search is a program that creates a toolbar on your Internet browser. Most computer users find this program to be a nuisance, because the program also collects Internet usage information and it leads to pop-up advertising on your computer. While the company that creates the toolbar attests tha

How to Install Windows XP & Vista on the Same Hard Drive

Installing Windows XP and Windows Vista on the same hard drive is a process known as dual-booting, enabling you to switch between the operating systems by simply restarting your computer. Accomplish the installation by partitioning your hard drive into two separate parts, one for Vista and one for X

How to Update XP Audio

Windows XP has many built-in audio drivers and features. Updating Windows XP's native drivers involves using the Windows Update utility, which downloads and installs all Windows updates. You can set Windows Update to run automatically or manually. New sound features are also added through audio driv

How to Copy a CD Boot Sector to USB

You can use an USB external hard drive or flash drive to boot from. A bootable USB drive is useful in situations where your optical drive is not present or not working correctly. You can put operating system installations, boot utilities and antivirus software on the drive to run before Windows star

How to Remove a Sonic UDF Reader

The Sonic UDF Reader is a driver that allows you to access high-definition files on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. You will not be able to access HD file formats if the UDF reader is not installed to your computer's operating system. Remove the UDF reader if you no longer use the program or are clearing out

How to Reinstall Windows XP on a Dell Mini 10

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 comes with Windows XP already installed. However, if your system encounters a virus or becomes corrupt, you may have to reinstall the operating system. To do this, you will need the Windows XP replacement CD that came with your PC.

How to Install a Verizon Hotspot to a Computer

Verizon wireless hotspots offer mobile users the ability to connect using a wireless network card. Netbooks and laptops include a wireless network card, but some desktop computers have wireless cards installed as well. Use the Windows wireless connectivity wizard to add a Verizon hotspot to your com

How to Uninstall Windows XP From a Single Boot System

Sometimes change is difficult, and learning to use a new computer operating system is no different. Sometimes people who have upgraded to Windows XP find themselves missing their previous operating system. This could simply be a matter of preference, or perhaps programs that the user needs and uses

How to Create a Windows Media Center Installation DVD

The Windows XP Media Center Edition is an offshoot of the basic Windows XP operating system. Creating a backup Windows Media Center installation DVD is necessary when your computer manufacturer failed to provide you with a dedicated installation disc. Accomplish this by copying the Media Center setu

How to Remove Windows XP Anti-spyware

Anti-spyware programs fortify your computer from malicious spyware and virus programs. However, when multiple anti-spyware programs are running at the same time, you will experience compatibility issues. This is why it is important to remove or disable existing antivirus or anti-spyware software bef

How to Disable the Windows Calendar at Startup

Windows Calendar is a Windows Vista application that lets you add and manage tasks on a full calendar interface. You can share calendars with other Windows Calendar users or subscribe to other calendars that other people made. You can also set tasks as reminders so the program can notify you when an

LAN Is Disabled After a Linksys Install

If your local area network (LAN) connection was disabled during the installation process for your computer's Linksys networking equipment, don't worry. This does not mean that your computer is incompatible with your new hardware. It just means that, for one of many different potential reasons, the i