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Information on Leg Problems With Wheelchairs

Whether you are in a wheelchair to recover from an injury or you permanently use your wheelchair, leg conditions associated with wheelchair use are common problems. Most are caused by a lack of motion in the legs. Lack of motion in the legs can cause pain, cramping, lesions and a gradual loss of mus

Getting Securities and Warranties for Mobility Solutions

If you or someone you know is using mobility products, you might have heard that in the UK, there is a great chance that insurances are compulsory if you buy these specialized scooters. If you have not have heard of it yet, it is very interesting to know what this insurance covers and what they offe

Fibroid Surgery India - Saving Born And Unborn Lives?

Surgery has become a very common way to treat fibroids. Even though a number of medications are available, people opt for surgeries. One reason for this might be the plethora of the well-versed Surgeons in India.

Combat Mobility Problems With a Stair Lift

A stair lift is a mechanical device that, quite simply, is used to lift people and wheelchairs up and down steps. This is paramount in helping individuals with mobility concerns, such as being placed in wheel chairs or not being able to successfully climb stairs, get from one level of a structure to

Features of a Portable Toilet for the Handicapped

When running any kind of public event which requires the use of portable toilet facilities, it's imperative that you don't forget to accommodate those visitors that may suffer from some form of physical disability. By making sure to provide handicapped toilets that provide easy access to t

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mobility Scooter

As a wheelchair user and regular user of a mobility scooter I cannot stress the importance enough of choosing the right mobility scooter that fully meets your needs, I have made many mistakes over the 35 plus years of my disability and I hope the following give you an in sight at some aspects to loo

Being Handicapped

Being handicapped. This question is important to any person who has lost the ability to do things that were considered normal for them at one time or another. Such of these possibilities could be to walk, run, sit, see, hear, speak or stand as being considered normal. There are many more examples th

Arts & Crafts for Adults With Disabilities

Craft therapy is a process where making arts and crafts helps further develop fine motor skills. For adults with disabilities, this can help increase self-esteem as well as possibly provide them with valid employment as an artisan or artist. Making arts and crafts is also a confidence booster that c

Anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) drugs

Anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) drugs Human pathogenic virus is a nucleic acid particles, the structure is extremely simple, most lack the enzyme system, can only rely on the host cells to rep

Benefits of Wheelchair Lifts

Why are Wheelchair Lifts so important? Here are some of the many benefits of both inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts.

Including Special Needs Children in Kids Activities

So you've gotten your special needs child enrolled in a program for kids, and (if relevant) they've made the physical accommodations necessary to allow your child to function in their environment. How do you prepare your child to participate in a group activity?

Is Spondylosis a Cause of Disability?

A degenerative condition affecting the neck, chest and lower back, spondylosis may cause people to become partially or completely disabled and incapable of performing the activities of daily living. Anyone who experiences pain, tingling, numbness or difficulty flexing and extending their neck, arms