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Who Has the Best Banana Pancake Recipe?

Do you need a good banana pancake recipe? Jack Johnson's recent song, 'Banana Pancakes,' have made this tantalizing breakfast treat preferred again. The chorus of his song says, 'Maybe we will be able

How to Delink an Apple ID

You can delink your iTunes Store Apple ID from authorized computers via a simple deauthorization process. The process should only take a few moments to complete and once done that computer will not longer be linked to your Apple ID. Alternatively, you can deauthorize all associated computers from li

Char-Broil 2 in 1 Electric Smoker and Roaster Review

This latest incarnation of Char-Broil's Big Easy cooker is electrically powered and computer controlled. With 15 preset temperature settings you can set this infrared cooker from 125 to 525 degrees F.

Free Cooking Games For Kids

On the Internet there are many free cooking games for kids, but are they as fun as the real thing? It doesn't matter if you have children that are fussy eaters or if your children will eat just about anything that is in front of them, cooking is something most children like. That is why there a

A Few Important Vegetable Steaming Tips

Vegetables have been available for an incredibly long time. As a result, people were able to come up with plenty of techniques of preparing a meal to get the best out of it.

SAPO, a Chinese Restaurant with a difference!

Sapo is one of the newest additions to the long list of Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. At Sapo you'll find a pleasant variety of Chinese dishes cooked using ingredients ranging from, prawns

Fruit Cleanse Information

A fruit cleanse is a temporary diet that eliminates all food except for fresh fruits and vegetables. You consume these for three to 10 days in order to eliminate toxins and improve your overall mental health. This is a less severe cleanse than the many fasting cleanses on the market that require eli

How to Build Sun or Solar Cookers for Cooking Use

Solar ovens capture the sun's energy and cook food. The ovens are constructed from many different materials with numerous usable designs. A very inexpensive solar oven is constructed from three cardboard boxes. If placed in full sun, the oven will bake small chocolate chip cookies. It will also melt

Fight Against Aging By Drinking Pure Ceylon Green Tea

Green Tea also contains catechin that is very potent. Catechin contain more antioxidants than vitamins C and E. Anti-oxidants fight the damaging free radicals present in your system which are the toxins that cause ageing. It is claimed that, if taken regularly, green tea actually has the ability to

How to Make Dough for Pinwheels

Characterized by the spiral created when sheet of dough with toppings is rolled up, baked and cut into slices, pinwheels are types of cookies or biscuits that can be flavored in endless ways. Use nuts and fruit to make a breakfast biscuit, chocolate cream for a dessert treat, or cheese and herbs for

Four Types of Artisan Bread

Artisan bread is nutritious, healthy and the opposite of mass-produced: artisan bread is crafted by master bakers and in people's homes. The distinguishing factor that separates artisan bread from all others is the care that goes into it. More often than not, artisan bread is made by hand, contains

Pecan Pie Bars Recipe

Pecan pie bars are made with pecans, brown sugar, butter, molasses, and other ingredients. Pecan pie bar recipe.

The Perfect Kind Of cheesy Event

This April, don’t forget to take advantage of some cheesy treats that will turn your event into a memorable tradition each year. With some spice, and a little cheese, you can count on your guests walking away full of food and delight.

Kitty Litter Cake Recipe

Kitty litter cake is a funny cake made to look like a kitty litter tray, tootsie rolls and all! A cake mix makes this cake quick and easy to prepare.

Types of Beer Kegs

Full-size beer kegs contain up to 165 12 oz. kegs image by Martin Mullen from Fotolia.comAccording to Stan Hieronymus, author of "Brew Like a Monk," beer brewing began as early as 3500 B.C. Since beer production began, people have sought ways to contain and transport the...

Food Coloring Facts

Food coloring are dyes that are used to color food. They are completely safe to eat and are used on many different kinds of foods for various reasons. Because of their safety, they are also used for crafts and for children's art projects. There are many different colors that can be used, especially