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Home Beer Brewing At Its Best

By indulging in your very own “Home Beer Brewing” hobby, you get to drink great tasting beer without the additives that are in most commercial beers. Your beer will have that great natural taste, and

Sea Salt Brownies Recipe

These brownies are fudgy in texture, with a light crunchy burst of salt that makes your taste buds quite happy.

Easy Stuffed Cabbage (Meat)

Stuffed Cabbage takes time and effort to prepare, so it tends to be a Jewish holiday dish. Meat Stuffed Cabbage is traditionally served on Simchat Torah because the cylindrical shape of the meat-filled cabbage rolls is reminiscent of the shape of Torah.

Spicy Citrus Ribs

Spicy citrus ribs recipe made with country style ribs, lemon and orange slices, and a homemade barbecue sauce. Easy baked citrus ribs revipe.

Types Of Jerky

Not all jerky are made up of beef. Jerky can be made from virtually any form of meat by using any one of a number of jerky making techniques. Some forms of jerky are more popular than the others and d

Grill-Fried Fish Recipe

This is a unique recipe for the grill. The fish is coated in dehydrated potato flakes, wrapped in foil with butter and oil, so it can fry on the grill. This is a great way to get fried fish without messing up (or heating up) the kitchen.

Incredible Wines for a Tight Budget

Times are tough, which means people are spending less and less on luxury items, but as one well known Master Sommelier recently said, wine is a grocery, not a luxury! Let's be honest, no one

How to Prepare Morel Mushrooms

Spring treats like asparagus, ramps and morel mushrooms are one of the highlights of the season. For those who like to forage, morel mushrooms are one of the tastiest finds but are usually covered with dirt, sand and even bugs. Morels need to be prepared properly before eating, so make sure you do

Flagship Corporate Events Venues

Flagship Cruises & Events, the premier yachts of San Diego Harbor Excursion, is a locally and family-owned yacht charter, cruise and events company, serving San Diego since 1915. Our high-end

Why Cast Iron Cookware

In addition, individuals tend to find that these pans warmth evenly so cooking in all areas of the cookware works well. But what you may not know about cast iron cookware is that it has some wellness

How to Can and Freeze Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno plants tend to be prolific producers, leaving you with an abundance of peppers to preserve. Canning jalapenos is a practical solution, as is freezing them. However, the acid content of peppers is low, so a vinegar solution is necessary for safe canning. The peppers also require some prepara

Why I Love The Keurig One Cup Coffee Make

A person who is very busy, however loves convenient things will like the keurig Mini Brewer. This product is available in the marketplace by keurig. This espresso machine is a good choice for small offices and households to brew piping hot chocolates or coffee or espresso easily and fast. You can fi

Dark chocolate and advantages

Chocolate is derived from cocoa beans and comes in three kinds: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

How to Make Edible Image Cake Toppers

Anyone with an inkjet printer at home can create personalized edible cake toppers with images of favorite TV or movie characters, photographs or names. A number of companies sell edible ink cartridges and printable edible paper sheets. Once you decide to start printing edible cake toppers, you will

Make Summer Even More Special With Special Seasonal Berry Recipes

Summer is one of the most vibrant and joyous seasons of the year with the long sunny days and endless outdoor activities. The season of summer also brings a unique cuisine with its exotic seasonal fruits. Berries are an important aspect of the summer season and provide both taste as well as nutritio