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How to Meet Great Music Producers

Successful music producers are ordinary people who do ordinary things and maintain daily schedules. They have telephones, email addresses, a social life and a network of friends. Their success depends upon meeting new people and finding up-and-coming talent. If you are a musician, band, filmmaker, w

Learn to Sing Better Fast for the Average Singer

How to get better at singing can easily be answered if you're really serious about improving. Just like anything else, it will take a little work. Just singing your favorite songs isn't going to help

Recording The Guitar to a Computer

You want to record your guitar, make your own riffs, music, etc. You want to plug my guitar into my computer? How to connect the guitar to the computer the right and best way? What ...

What is the Best Way to Learn Guitar?

The first decision you need to make if you want to learn how to play guitar is what method of learning is the best way to learn guitar for your lifestyle. We are going to take a look at three popular methods of learning guitar so that you can determine which is the best way to learn guitar for you.

How to Tune Your Drumset

How many times have you been out to a concert and seen a band that sounded awesome but the drums sounded like crap? Any aspiring drummer is obsessed with how their drums sound, as they should be. The sound of your drums is your own unique style that comes across as you play, but how do you do it?

Top 10 Tips That Will Help You Improve Any Guitar Tricks

After many years of singing the guitar I learned many little things with the purpose of accelerated my progress on the guitar. I am really passionate approaching sharing my intelligence with group so I unfaltering to share my top 10 tips

How to Get Chrome to Ask Before Downloading

As part of its default settings, when you click on a downloadable file, like a software program or a PDF file, Google Chrome will automatically begin to download the file without asking your permission. You can easily change this default setting by telling Chrome to ask you where you want the file t

Jump Jive Bands: 5 Smart Tips to Book the Right One

Step back in time and experience the vintage glamour, dazzling style and groovy beats of the 40s and 50s with a Jump Jive Band for your special event. The humour and high energy of the classic jump jive hits will surely make your wedding or function something to remember for a very long time. Jump J

How To Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing

Learn the most effective way to improve your lead guitar playing.Find out how great guitar players come up with their awesome guitar solos.

Americas Country Sweetheart Carrie Underwood

This 26 year old American country singer has rose to fame since her debut on the forth season of American Idol in 2004. After her American Idol win, Carrie Underwood has captured the hearts of all age

Review: Cut Copy "Zonoscope"

Over a meal, I had a friend wax philosophic about this new band "Cut Copy". He said it was this great French band that sounded a lot like Joy Division. Once I got home, I noodled around on Google and saw a video of them performing on the Jimmy Fallon show. These guys were performing some a

Britney Spears' Pictures: Telling Life Beyond Words

Britney Spears' pictures have accompanied her in her entire career, and they sold as well as her as her albums did. Her larger-than-life star status rendered her pictures a different value. And her life's chronicles were accompanied by the visual appeal of Britney Spears' pictures. Yo

How to Stop Finger Scraping From the Guitar Strings

Finger scraping sounds can occur when the guitarist bends strings. The scraping sound is caused by the string sliding over small, almost invisible scratches on the fret. Some guitars have them, and some don't. Expensive guitars can arrive from the factory with these scratches. They are caused in man