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10 Talk Show Things to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so all of us in the About Talk Shows office (truth told, that'd just be me) though we'd take a little time to give thanks to all the things we love about talk shows – from hosts to bands to comedy bits.

How to Hang a Theatre Light

Hanging a lighting instrument is an essential part of preparing for a show. After the light is hung, it can be focused and added to the lighting panel for use throughout the show. Failure to properly and securely hang the light can be disastrous to a show as well as dangerous for performers and cr

How to Get Involved in Community Theater

Community theaters are always looking for people to get involved. Don't let fear hold you back from reaping the rewards of helping out, whether it be backstage or in the spotlight.

The Queens Theatre London

Opening on October 8, 1907, The Queen's Theatre was the second of a pair of theatres to open on Shaftesbury Avenue within a ten month period. The Gielgud Theatre, as it is known today, had its grand opening prior to the Queen's on an adjoining corner of Shaftesbury Avenue.

"Mary Poppins," a Magical British Musical Touring America

'Mary Poppins," the British musical based on the book and film, exudes magic wherever the beloved nanny drops in. Like all successful productions, it requires cast members with extensive backgrounds and the ability to take over multiple roles in emergencies.

Belly Dancing Restaurants in Seattle

Belly dancing in the Pacific Northwestbelly dancing women image by Lisa Eastman from Fotolia.comWhether in North Africa or as far east as Iran, belly dancing, or oriental dancing, is one of the standard forms of traditional Arab entertainment. Although Seattle is on the opposite side of...

Project Management - Kung Fu Theater

Growing up in New York during the 1980s, I enjoyed watching what was called "The Sunday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater" on television. This meant four hours straight of Kung Fu movies, dueling techniques, avenging deaths, dubbed voice-overs, and wonderful noises for punches and kicks. There was

5 Shows About Talk Shows

Discover some of the unusual fictional and non-fictional televisions shows about talk shows.

Disney Casting Calls - Ins and Outs

Well, we all know that the whole goal of any Disney audition or Disney casting call is to be IN and definitely not out! We all know that many, many child actors and actresses got their start at Disney. So, Disney auditions may be a really great way to go for your child.

The Broadway Channel Announces the Return of 'Broadway Profiles

The Broadway Channel has announced the return of the television show “Broadway Profiles,” with the half-hour show providing an invaluable and unique look inside the rehearsal, staging and performance of some of Broadway's top shows, and with Tamsen Fadal as the series' new host.

How to Find the Right Magician for Your Party

The hardest part of looking for a magician/mind reader for your party in the UK is will he/she be magical, astounding, and most importantly entertaining? These days anyone can go into a magic shop, buy themselves a trick and call themselves a magician. Unfortunately this is more and more the case, s

Comedy Hypnotists and Hypnosis

The latest trend in entertainment is to have a comedy hypnotist performing to make your party stand out from the run of the mill kinds. The popularity of this kind of entertainment is growing because of people loving the suspense involved in this form of entertainment. The hypnosis used is powerful

10 Tips For an Acting Audition

Most acting auditions are cold read auditions.A typical audition consists of you getting a side when you arrive an audition.You will have ten or fifteen minutes to read over the side and prepare to read in front of the casting director or agent.The casting agent will decide to call you back or not b