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Color Symbolism of Black - The Booster of the Good, the Influential, & the Evil

Color black, is one of the most widely interpreted colors that ranks high on popularity. Symbolically, it can represent positive as well as the negative aspects of life and emotions. It is as much a traditional and vintage color as is novel and modern. The proponents of this color are intrigued by t

Contemporary Figurative Artists - Todd White, Darren Baker & Jack Vettriano

Artists have always been intrigued by the human form and produced figurative based artwork.The natural curves and features of the human body are a constant source of inspiration for many artists from Beryl Cook to Banksy.This is something that has spread from the art world to every magazine cover in

Advertising Slogan Skills (2)

This is the second part ot advertising slogan skills. It is the fourth skill.4. The advertising slogan should strive to 'unique' and highlight the personality

The Birth of 3D Digital Art

With an ailing BBC Micro B computer and a short textbook on 3D geometry, I created a crude wire mesh landscape-my first 3D digital world slowly rendered into being in 1986. Despite the graphical simplicity, the notion of creating any landscape from scratch, albeit empty of any detail, was greatly ap

Gimp Tutorials - Learn Gimp With Video Lessons

There is no better way to learn Gimp that by using video lessons.These Gimp tutorials are unbeatable because you can see exactly what is being done to achieve a certain result, then play it back and do the same yourself.

Origin of Tattoo Art

Tattooing is a much-forgotten art being revived as a fashion statement. Men and women of all ages and across genres get tattooed. Some prefer floral tattoos, some choose cartoon tattoos, and some choo

The Artist's Selection of Drawing Media

Different drawing media can often describe the artist himself. It is his handwriting, a connection between his ability and his love of drawing. Some artists seem to naturally excel in a certain kind of media. ...

Can You Learn How to Draw a Car?

Drawing is very easy for some people, but for most of the others it is an almost impossible task. If you would like to learn how to draw a car, you should not be discouraged by negative talk about the inability of some people to draw.

Art Studio Secrets - 10 Money-Saving Tips

Don't turn away from your art while the economy is struggling - pinch pennies and cut non-essential corners to make it through the recession!Clever and entertaining tips to save money in an artist's studio.

Angel Artwork

Angels are said and viewed to be divine beings and messengers of love. People have always loved them even though they are imaginary creations. Beautiful angel artwork are portrayed in water colors, oil paintings and many other mediums. There is a wide variety from which people can choose.

Art Magazines Online: What They Are All About?

The connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and collectors of art around the globe have plentiful sources where they can have access to some of the fantastic artworks and have their senses satiated. The online art magazines are one ...

Photo Correction Service

A good photo correction service often possesses all the necessary facilities usually required and by this it implies that, any one wishing for the best color correction should not hesitate to go in fo

DSLR Photography - A Complete Overview

You have just bought a new DSLR camera and wanted to use it. However, you are not sure how to! You need not worry, as there here are the digital photography tutorials for you. Firstly, ...

Why Investing In Aboriginal Art Is More Profitable Than Real Estate

Let's imagine you've had a windfall and want to invest wisely to get great returns on your money rather than just stashing it in the bank on little interest - What's the best option? There can be little doubt that there is nothing better than investing in Aboriginal Art.

Making Your Pennant Last

Even though pennants are generally lower in cost than other signs, you should still take some necessary steps to ensure that they last. Pennants are most frequently subjected to the worst damage, due to their size, shape and method of installation.