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Antarctic Sledging on Volcanic Ash

The difficulty of pulling a sledge over volcanic ash by the Jesters, an Antarctic husky team. The trolley often broke up on the rough ground.A sledge was sometimes used even if the snow was lacking.The short time for sea ice led to trips to the Argentinean and Chilean base, from the British base, on

Are You Drinking (and Showering) In Toilet Water?

Across the United States, drought has affected many cities resulting in lower than normal reservoir levels.Cities are forced to come up with some creative ideas to supply its residents with adequate drinking water.Who would have thought that cities would turn to toilet water as an option?

Have an LED Christmas

We've all been told that we need to save energy, and many people are now converting to the new light bulbs that have been approved by the government to help save energy. The amount of energy we might save is said to be tremendous, so it is not only eco-friendly and good green thinking, but it w

Toxic Mud in Hungary Reaches Dunabe River

The toxic red mud which flowed from a reservoir from a Hungarian aluminum factory has reached the Dunabe River by Thursday. The first dead fishes are beginning to emerge in the river.

Moms Can Impact Their Environment

It is tempting to imagine that one person cannot make a difference, but if we demonstrate ways to lessen our impact on nature to our families and friends, then we are training future caretakers. We are creating conscientious adults who will understand their duties to the earth and to each other.

Chile Earthquake Caused Change in Earth Rotation!

Mother Earth has always changed over the years! In fact, she has gone through catastrophic changes so severe that human beings would not possibly be able to withstand such changes. Those changes occurred millions of years ago before mankind's existence.

Air Pollution In China - It's Complicated

A few years back I attended a scientific lecture hosted by the University of Riverside on atmospheric pollution and the re-combination of molecules in the atmosphere - both organic and inorganic. That University has a huge laboratory and atmospheric simulation chamber which tests air samples of the

Climate Change - An Important Issue

Copenhagen is not just another international negotiation on climate change. It is a crucial moment of choice for all nations.

Home Wind Turbines - 3 Reasons To Utilize Wind Energy

How big is your carbon footprint? While we all have a growing responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint what probably matters more at the end of the day is our electricity bills. Up until recently governments around the world subsidized a large portion of our electricity. However, those days are

The Impact of Environmental Awareness on the Printing Industry

The "Going Green" Movement has meant big changes for the Printing Industry. At a time when the world is becoming increasingly aware of how delicate our environment is, the printing industry has implemented many changes to reduce its negative impact on the environment and become more eco-co

Breathe Deep - Beating Greenhouse Gases Won't Be Easy

The recessionary lull in the growth of greenhouse gases is over. With the tepid recovery comes more dumping into the atmosphere on a daily basis. It's a problem but has a relatively simple solution. Energy efficiency and clean energy may sound far-flung but are being embraced by the public and

How to Build a Windmill Or Solar Power System - Tips on Using Earth 4 Energy

When people hear the word windmill, they immediately think of swaying grass, idyllic lifestyle, countryside, quaint little farms and the gentle dance between turbines and the wind. People also conjure the phrase "wind energy" but have a fuzzy mental picture as to how exactly it works. They

Hydroponic Plants Triumph in Unlikely Places

The art of growing plants without soil (hydroponic growth) is now so advanced that it can help humans to survive for long periods in previously inhospitable environments such as Antarctica.

Different Shades of Green

In the past few years, many in the computing industry have affirmed their commitment to helping to develop a sustainable world. These days, the number of options for Green Web Hosting has risen along with consumer awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions and offset energy usage.

The Day the Earth Wouldn't Stand Still

I generally try to write only about things that I know, a rather safe approach to article writing. My specialty revolves around lung cancer, cancer treatment and things related to. Many other things in the world fascinate me though and I try to catch hold of and understand some of these thing before

Green Energy Jobs - What Kinds of Jobs Are Available?

Most of us know what green energy is by now. Basically, it's the new environmental catch phrase that encompasses all possible alternative energy sources such as wind or solar power instead of using fossil fuels like oil or coal. With the strides being made in lowering the costs of using alterna